Don’t Be That Fan

So I went to a baseball game last weekend and I realized something. While the majority of fans are cool and well behaved, obnoxious fans are inescapable. And they come in all shapes and sizes. They are the people that make you wonder, why are they even here? Baseball tickets are not cheap. Why come if you’re not even going to be caring about the game?

So I decided to make a little compilation of some of the fans you want to avoid while at the game, and the fans that you definitely do not want to be.


Little note about the pic choice: I have nothing against the Rays or their fans. But come on, I don’t think anyone needs to be told that is not a good look. The cowbell is bad enough but if I got stuck behind that fro, I would flip.

The Constantly Getting Up From His Seat Fan

The average baseball game lasts for three hours. Most people are going to have to get out of their seat at least once during this time. Whether it’s to get food/drink or go to the bathroom, it’s going to happen. However, unless you have a bladder the size of a peanut, you should not have to get up at least twenty times within a baseball game. I don’t know what is worse; being stuck behind someone like this and constantly having your view of the game blocked or sitting next to someone like this and constantly having to get up to let them through. Probably the latter but they both really suck.

The Dressed for a Night-Out Female Fan

I was tempted to put the pink hat fan on here. While that does irritate me, at least that female fan realizes she is at a baseball game. I never understood what’s wrong with wearing the team’s colors, but this is still better than the girl who comes to the game all dolled up. You just look stupid wearing your fancy shirt and high heels at a baseball game. It simply doesn’t fit. A baseball cap, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers can be really cute as well.

The Loves to do the Wave Fan

I find nothing more annoying at a sporting event than the wave.  I can’t get into the whole “it’s so cool because we are going to get up and put our hands in the air at the same time” thing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I go to actually watch the game. I didn’t pay money to randomly get up and raise my hands with the other people in my section.

The Spends the Whole Game on the Phone Fan

Is it really so hard to go to a game and actually watch it? If you have no interest in what’s happening on the field, don’t come! I did not pay money to hear you bitch about your horrible day at work. What’s really bad is the person giving the person on the other end a play-of-play of the game. Who the hell are you talking to? Do they not have a TV, radio, or computer by them? They can’t find out what’s going on in the game by themselves?

The Incredibly Obnoxious Drunk Fan

This is definitely the most common of the annoying fans. Sports and beer go hand in hand. There is nothing wrong with drinking at a game (even though getting drunk costs about a month’s salary). I’m talking about the fans who really overdo it. Screaming at the top of their lungs even when absolutely nothing is going on in the game. I don’t wanna have to get a hearing aid by the end of the game. When a fight breaks out, more than likely someone like this was behind it. I think men (and some women) need to be told that constantly starting fights does not prove your manhood.

The Incredibly Obnoxious Sober Fan

This is even worse than the drunk fan because there is no excuse. The obnoxious behavior cannot be blamed on alcohol. This is just your natural, everyday personality.  It’s a game. Be loud, have fun. But don’t go so over the top that you ruin it for the others around you.

The Runs on to Field Naked and Slides into Second Base Fan

Actually be this fan. You may have to spend a night in jail and possibly a lot more, but it sure does provide a lot of entertainment. When the home team loses despite the ace of their staff going 6 1/3 innings with no earned runs, the fans need something to lift their spirits. They need something to make them laugh. You could be that guy.

So that’s just some of the annoying fans out there you want to avoid. There are plenty more.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Fan

  1. This is all completely, totally, utterly and unabashedly true. However, the part about the pink caps is ironic – this blog has a very pink banner at the top of each page. Maybe that’s intended to be ironic, not sure…

    Great post, anyway.

  2. Sounds like YOU need to spend more time watching the game than bitching about the other fans. They’re fans, let them cheer however they wanna cheer.

  3. Great post – I agree! I was surrounded by drunks at a game last night – have a few beers, enjoy the game but don’t get so sloshed that you’re falling all over every one and screaming obscenities all night. If I ever have kids, I’ll be afraid to take them to a game! I don’t understand people who pay that much for tickets to not even watch the game.

  4. I tend to always get the annoying guy behind me at sporting events. Never fail. I was at freakin Game 7 of the Caps/Rangers series, and the guy behind me is on his phone talking to someone about the game, but he is trying to get explanations of what is going on from the person on the other end. I mean it’s cool the guy wanted to learn more about hockey, but seriously don’t do it during Game 7. He was so loud and obnoxious about it, it was hard to not hear him. I think he covered a bunch of your categories, too. lol

  5. I was at a Nationals/Phillies game last night. And I was seriously talking about this. We got to the park and it started raining. They were calling for rain. So I seriously why the women get all cute. I mean I saw chicks with really cute shirts and heels. Then, after it started torrentially raining, I saw a chick in a long dress, with the hair and the shoes and the makeup. And I said, if I was a guy, I would expect a girl to be in the team’s gear. That would fall under cute.

    Here’s where I’ll admit to being an obnoxious Philly Phan, and yes, we’re all obnoxious. There was a chick that was standing up screaming every time something happened, and every time we looked over she was getting another beer.

    Since it was raining and the rain wasn’t stopping we decided to leave. In the metro station there was a group about 20 guys. They were singing. Badly. At the top of their lungs. I mean, I personally thought it was hilarious. But it was so loud, so drunken and so obnoxious that I’m surprised they didn’t get arrested.

    But I’m not innocent either. I curse a lot when I am watching sports. I was going on about banging my head against a concrete wall for quite a while because of our starting pitcher of whom nobody has ever heard of. I scream at the teams, be it if it is good or bad, and I threaten the players and well, the broadcaster, at random times. My name is Megan, I am a stereotypical Philadelphian sports phan, just without the beer.

  6. You forgot one type of annoying fan…the one who sits beside/behind you and once they realize that you are somewhat/very/extremely informed about the rules/stats/schedule/standings, take it upon themselves to turn you into their personal sporting professor. Maybe that just happens here in Canada though…

    You know the guy…a soccer fan who couldn’t afford to take his girlfriend to the Toronto FC game…so to be macho, he still wants to bring his date to the “big city” games to impress his girl (who is obviously going to be one of the “Dressed for a night-out female fan”) but then knows nothing about the rules or what the acronyms on the score board stand for…

    • …but he makes stuff up so he can still “impress” his also-clueless date. Yeah, those guys come to the AAA games here too. I actually choked on my beverage once because of THAT guy.

  7. In addition to being a wave-hater, I haaaaate even more the people who bring beach balls. Because the wave just happens, it goes by and then it’s done. It doesn’t involve props. But the beach ball thing takes PLANNING. This jerk has to think to himself, “Hey, I’m going to the game tonight. Better leave early so I can stop at the store and purchase some beach balls!” Really? Because the tickets, parking, food and beer aren’t quite enough money to waste?

    And along with that guy, there are the overcompensating a-holes who get REALLY INTO the beach-ball-batting, spiking the thing as if a gold medal is on the line. I paid good money to come to the park and watch my favorite team; I don’t want to spend half the game looking around to make sure I don’t take a 90-mph beach ball to the back of the head. No one’s impressed, dude.

    I was at one game where there were 7 beach balls in my section before the fourth inning. I can ALMOST understand having the things there in case the game is a complete blowout and it’s the seventh inning and you’re bored, but it’s the bottom of the first, people! Joe Mauer’s up! Watch the frickin’ game!

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