Theme Thursday Strikes Back

As promised last week, Theme Thursday has returned with a new batch of mysteriously connected hotties.  This week’s trio was suggested by gretchenarchangel after she was the first to successfully guess the inaugural Theme Thursday puzzle.

Once again, the first person to correctly guess the theme in the comments gets to suggest a future Theme Thursday post.

This week’s guys certainly seem like an eclectic bunch at first glance — and you may want to take a couple of extra glances, you know, just to make sure you’ve gathered all the necessary information.

Clayton Richard

Braylon Edwards

(Bonus Lecavalier not part of the puzzle)

Mike Komisarek

What do these men have in common?

12 thoughts on “Theme Thursday Strikes Back

  1. They’re all insufferable overrated pouty assholes? Oh no, that’s just Braylon.

    I like the ballplayer; I’ve never heard of him! Thanks for introducing me!

  2. Alright, cool.

    I’ll try and think of a good one for next week, although I’m sure you ladies are far smarter than I am…If I can’t think of anything good, I’ll let you know, so ya’ll can do one :)

    • Take your time, Sarah. I think Theme Thursday’s going to be a semi-regular feature from now on, so I can actually write a post or two. I feel like I’m letting everyone else do all the work. ;-)

  3. Richard’s a cutie but also an epic fail (as of right now). He better pick it up or he’ll be in Triple A!!!!

  4. Emily’s right. Clayton sorta sux right now…and I had such high hopes. However, if they send him down to Charlotte, they might bring up Lance Broadway, who also happens to be easy on the eyes.

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