The First Month of Baseball

We are only into the second month of this young baseball season. We still have four more months of regular baseball and then another month of lovely October baseball. There is still plenty of time for those last place teams to crawl out of the basement. But still so much has already happened in just a short month. Some things aren’t too surprising: Albert Pujols is still awesome. Some things are a tad bit unexpected: Forget Sabathia, Burnett, or Teixeira. Nick Swisher is turning into the Yankees best offseason acquisition. You better believe it!

Keep reading to find out what else we learned in the first month of baseball…

Apparently “ghosts” do not like to travel. The mystique and aura always referred to with the Yankees and old The Original Yankee Stadium were nowhere to be found when the Yanks got clobbered by the Indians 10-2 Opening Day.

Someone who works for the Nationals Natinals has a little trouble spelling. Everyone on the team has a little trouble playing baseball.

Forget CC, Santana, Lincecum, Halladay. Zack Greinke is the best pitcher in baseball. He leads the majors in wins (5), strikeouts (44), and ERA (0.50). The fact that it took him until his fifth start to give up his first earned run is just insane!

The Blue Jays are a pretty good team. The AL East was supposed to be a three way race between the Rays, Yanks, and Red Sox. Well it won’t be if those guys from Canada have anything to say about it.

Despite starting the season going only three innings with a 9.00 ERA, all seems to be okay with the reigning NL Cy Young winner. Tim Lincecum is back to his awesome self.

OK, we already know Grady Sizemore is a really good ball player who happens to be really hot as well. Nothing new to learn there. But if this month was any indication, it’s going to be a looong season for Cleveland fans. At least you guys can have solace in knowing this man is your Centerfielder.

Well, that was your first month of baseball. There is plenty more where that came from. Play Ball!

5 thoughts on “The First Month of Baseball

  1. Racism is the short answer, according to those in the know. There was an assumption that anyone could have won with those teams. But now The Cito Way ™ is showing how good he really his. And I’m in heaven!

  2. Minda, my dad called today and asked how are the Royals in 1st place? He wouldn’t believe that they are actually good – gasp!

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