Hit and Run: Now With More Pinstripes

Oh, come on now. This is my first ever Ladies… post! Cut me some slack and let me write about my Yankees! I promise next week, one of us will be showing some Pedroia love. It just won’t be me.

Rookie Ramiro Pena had two RBIs and Johnny Damon had a home run helping the Yanks along to a 7-4 win over the Angels. Nick Swisher dazzled with an impressive catch along the right field wall in the 6th inning. But since I couldn’t find a picture of that, here is one of Nick that doesn’t make him look like Jack Black.

Run Nick run!

And one of the Captain, just because..


In the NHL, The Vancouver Canucks took Game 1 in their Western Conference Semi-Final series against the Chicago Blackhawks 5-3. Kyle Wellwood, one of my fave former Leafs, got two assists but lost a tooth in the game. Is the tooth fairy handing out Stanley Cups these days? Time will tell.

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darryl Dyck)

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darryl Dyck)

In that other playoff game involving a Chicago team, the Bulls forced a Game 7 in a 128-127 triple-overtime win over the Boston Celtics. Ray Allen scored 51 points – a career-high – and he’ll go back to Beantown for his efforts.

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

NASCAR gets on my nerves for the obvious reasons (continuous corporate name-dropping, Darrell Waltrip, that effing gopher on Fox) but I’ll admit – grudgingly – that it’s fun to watch. Sprint Cup is in Richmond Saturday night and hopefully it’s a good night for one Carl Edwards. Last weekend he came thisclose to his first win of the season at Talladega but managed to go airborne on the final lap trying to block eventual winner Brad Keselowski. Scary stuff.

Here’s to a better race, Carl! Remember, you do the flips with your body, not your car!



6 thoughts on “Hit and Run: Now With More Pinstripes

  1. Is the tooth fairy handing out Stanley Cups these days?

    Well, she sure a hell wasn’t last year, otherwise Zach would have gotten two!

  2. Admittedly, I’m not into the basketball. But when I was score watching online last night I really wanted to tune in. Unfortunately I don’t get TNT and The Score was showing Portland/Rockets *sigh*

  3. I actually plan on watching the Bulls-Celtics game also. I am not a very big NBA fan but I think it’s gonna be a really good game. I don’t wanna miss it.

  4. “And one of the Captain, just because..”

    Derek Jeter makes me sick. He’s one of the biggest phonies in the history of the game. Nobody is wrapped more tightly or cares more about his image than he does, and it cracks me up that he has pulled the wool over people’s eyes as long as he has. Oooh, Derek, he’s such a WINNER, so intense, so competitive! bullshit. he’s for Derek Jeter first and foremost, and fuck the rest of you. He’s John Gotti, except his goons are publicists instead of contract killers.

    He’s also gay, and will be coming out after he retires. On that you can count.

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