Ryan Braun Goes Streaking

For my first post I wanted to show some hometown love. Sadly, I think the pickin’s are pretty slim, but I’ve decided to work with what I’ve got.

In honor of Ryan Braun’s stellar week – and because nothing’s hotter than breaking a slump, proving you’re not injured and leading your team on a winning road trip and a four-game win streak…

.927 slugging percentage

.565 batting average
13 hits
4 HR
8 runs

…it seemed an apt time to honor the forearms of doom:


And the close up…


Celebrating the go-ahead home run during the final game of the season leading to a post-season appearance? Very pretty.


“We’re going to the post-season” man-love? Always hot


I have to say that, in general, he doesn’t really do it for me – but who can argue with this?


12 thoughts on “Ryan Braun Goes Streaking

  1. Helloooo Ryan! I had no idea he was so cut. I used to think he was too thin for my tastes.

    Baseballers really give tennis players a run for their money in the forearm department.

  2. Braun can coast on the merits of that final picture for at least a few seasons as far as I’m concerned. It forgives any manner of sins!

  3. When that photo first appeared, I seriously thought it was someone’s photoshop job. It looks like a photo that would appear in The Onion.

    I hate to say, though, that the last three photos were not from the regular season finale, but from the 9/25/08 game vs. the Pirates (the grand slam, as seen on that iPhone MLB app commercial).

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