The 2009 NFL Draft…of Hotness!

With the NFL Draft happening this past weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the smorgasbord of hotties available to the 32 NFL teams.  So what better way to commemorate the unofficial start of the 2009 NFL season than with the inaugural Ladies… NFL Draft of Hotness.  Obviously our pool of eligible draft picks are all the lovely gentlemen who entered the 2009 NFL Draft.  Not all of the selections were drafted, but they were too dreamy to just leave in the dust.  So without further ado…

With the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft of Hotness, the Ladies… select…


Drafted by: New York Jets

There are only two words I can think of to describe Mark Sanchez.  OMG Pretty!  Ok maybe that’s not two words, but he’s just too adorable.  Like most of my fellow Ladies, I was glad to see him drafted by a team I don’t really hate.  This way my love for Mr. Sanchez can live on.  While I wasn’t the biggest Jets fan, I’ve grown a soft spot for the team in my heart over the years.  First it was Brett Favre, then my boy Rex Ryan gets the head coaching job and to complete the trifecta they have added a dreamboat of a QB.  Not too bad, Jets, not too bad.

2. GRAHAM GANO, K, Florida State

Drafted by: N/A

Ladies, let me introduce you to Graham Gano.  I saw his head shot flash up on my TV, and I fell in love.  I immediately began to research.  Not only does he have the cutest dimple, he was born in Scotland!  I can’t confirm if he sounds like Sean Connery, but you know how American girls love British guys!  We all know how hard it is to be a kicker for the Seminoles, but Graham also had the duties of being the punter.  Kickers rarely get the fame and glory, so Graham (and Graham’s dimple), I’m taking you with my number 2 pick.

3. AARON CURRY, LB, Wake Forest

Drafted by: Seattle Seahawks

Ok, so I’m going to come clean here.  I’m a Maryland grad, so this pick was a hard one for me.  Curry’s Demon Deacons are a fierce ACC rival of my Maryland Terrapins, but I couldn’t ignore how hunky – and awesome – Aaron Curry is.  First off, he’s a hunk.  Plain and simple.  Then you read about what he did for a sick kid on draft day, and you can’t help but love this guy.  Aaron Curry come on down, you are my third pick!


Drafted by: Detroit Lions

So Matt may have been selected 1st overall by the Lions, but I couldn’t take him first in my draft.  Sorry Matt, but will fourth do?  Stafford has those pretty boy good looks that most girls just can’t resist, me being one of them.  His hotness quotient may drop a little because he is after all a Detroit Lion, but luckily for Matt, it didn’t factor too much into my decision.

5. DONALD BROWN, RB, Connecticut

Drafted by: Indianapolis Colts

As a Baltimore native, how disappointed was I when the Colts drafted Donald Brown?  Pretty bummed.  When I first saw a picture of Brown flash up on my screen, I believe the first words out of my mouth were, “Well, hello Mr. Brown.”  After doing a serious Google image search, I found he was worthy of a pick.  There weren’t many photos out there of Donald without a helmet on, but I did find one of him without a shirt and that was enough to convince me.

6. JASON BONDZIO, K, Arizona

Drafted by: N/A

So here’s another of my unearthed gems, Jason Bondzio, kicker extraordinaire for the Arizona Wildcats.  A quick Google image search, and I was hooked.  What a hottie?  I can honestly say that I’ve probably only seen 2 or 3 Wildcat football games ever in my life.  I watched part of one this past season, but I obviously overlooked Jason.  If I would have known about Jason, the chances of me watching more Arizona games would have increased – A LOT!

7. JOSH FREEMAN, QB, Kansas State

Drafted by: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’ll admit it.  I LOVE QUARTERBACKS!  It was hard for me to not pick all QBs, but I resisted temptation and narrowed my large list to just three.  Honestly, Josh probably wouldn’t have made the cut if I hadn’t seen him on draft day.  Boy, did he look good in his spiffy, new Bucs hat, and I’m not even a Tampa Bay fan!  After some more investigating, I decided that his baby face was too cute to resist.  It just got a little bit hotter in Tampa, ladies.


Drafted by: Houston Texans

To all you USC-haters, I’m sorry that I selected two Trojan men (tee hee!) in my top draft picks, but Brian was a must.  I’m not usually a fan of super muscular guys, but there was just something that drew me to Brian.  I wouldn’t mind his muscular arms around me, that’s for sure.  The reason for him falling a little in my draft is his hair.  I’m not a big fan of men and ponytails.  Hair can always be cut, though, so he snagged a spot in the top 10.


Drafted by: Miami Dolphins

Sean was one of the last guys I stumbled upon in my research of prospective picks.  It was his smile that did me in.  Nothing gets me more than a great smile.  While I’m not a fan of the braids (here I go with my hair issues again), I can get past them.  When I see Sean, I see a guy who knows how to have a good time.  While this may or may not be true, I’d like to think that it is entirely true.  Sean, way to sneak into my top 10 you little devil!

10. ALEX MACK, C, California

Drafted by: Cleveland Browns

No, not Larissa Oleynik, Alex Mack the football player from California.  I was on the fence about Alex until I saw him in normal street clothes and smiling.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind being apart of his secret world, if you catch my drift.  I think when I saw that slight dimple, I was a goner.  Plus, it helps that he has such a freakin’ awesome name.  If I find out that he can morph into some form of metallic liquid and thwart the evil plans of the local chemical plant, then he definitely moves up on my draft board.  Until then, he remains at number 10.

Undrafted Free Agents:

Chase Clement, QB, Rice

Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri

Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech

Nic Harris, S, Oklahoma

Clay Matthews, LB, USC

Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan State

Sam Swank, K, Wake Forest

Max Unger, C, Oregon

John Parker Wilson, QB, Alabama

Alright ladies…have at it.  Let us know if you agree or disagree with the list.  There were hundreds of guys to choose from, so if you can think of some overlooked hotties, we want to see them!

9 thoughts on “The 2009 NFL Draft…of Hotness!

  1. Sigh…Okay, here I go:

    1. MARK SANCHEZ, QB, USC – Meh..doesn’t do it for me

    2. GRAHAM GANO, K, Florida State – The letter “K” next to his name disqualifies him for me.

    3. AARON CURRY, LB, Wake Forest – Body? Yes. Face? Hell no.

    4. MATTHEW STAFFORD, QB, Georgia – Looks like a girl

    5. DONALD BROWN, RB, Connecticut – Not bad…I do hate UConn though

    6. JASON BONDZIO, K, Arizona – See #2

    7. JOSH FREEMAN, QB, Kansas State – Yes! We have a winner!

    8. BRIAN CUSHING, LB, USC – Being from Bergen County is not enough to save him. Ever see him shirtless? It’s not pretty. He’s got pointy-breastlike pecs.

    9. SEAN SMITH, CB, Utah – Cut the hair, and I’m in!

    10. ALEX MACK, C, California – Not bad, extra points for the awesome name!

  2. Have to agree with Josh Freeman wholeheartedly :) And while I’m super psyched about the Bills’ new picks, Cary Harris is really the only standout cutie of the group. Great picks Raven!

  3. Jason Bondzio is the twin of a kid I went to school with.
    I hate Bama bangs.
    In that first picture, Sanchez looks like he could be Mike Vitar from “The Sandlot”

  4. You think THESE guys are hot? Dear god, wouldn’t even cause me to glance twice at ANY of them. Astounding how a big, fat, guaranteed NFL salary increases the “hotness” quotient of a guy!

  5. How excited was I to see that the Ravens signed Graham Gano yesterday!! So one of my favorite hotties is now on my favorite team! yay

  6. Yay kicker love! And Gano gets bonus points for his birthplace and sheer possiblility of a Scottish accent.

    But I would deffinitely have to add Rey Maualuga to the list. I seriously <3 Samoans

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