UPDATED Announcement: Welcome your new Ladies…!

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve gotten a pretty good idea of things that would not be announced on this site. Now, at long last, it’s time to let you in on what WILL be announced.

We have chosen our new Ladies…! We got a ton of great applications, and it wasn’t easy to choose. Thanks to everyone who applied, and please keep your eyes open to future Ladies… opportunities – we heart all of you! In no particular order, here’s  a bit about each of our new writers.

***UPDATE*** Due to a slight technical difficulty (in my brain), we neglected to include ALL of the new Ladies… in this here post. In addition to the warm welcome you’ve already given our 7 other newcomers, please take a moment to get to know the awesome CuteSports.


Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI
Turns Me On: Stirrups or high socks/pants, a good soccer tan, tailgating, (most) accents, crawfish, Miller Park on a beautiful summer night, copy editing, uniform minutiae, Saturday morning at Camp Randall, flip flops, keeping a scorebook, sieving, intelligent fans, New Orleans, drinks with umbrellas, Blue Moon, Leinie’s Berry Weiss, basset hounds, Bob Uecker’s home run calls,, RJ Swindle’s curve ball, a byline, fantasy football, the 5th quarter, a good run game, properly turned double-plays, driving with all the windows down and the music blaring
Turns Me Off: The NBA, man jewelry, anything regarding the Chicago Cubs, people who are holding a ticket, which is basically a road map, and still can’t figure out where to sit, abandoning animals, the Wave, self-entitlement, pajama-esque baseball uniforms, typos, people assuming I don’t know anything because I’m a girl, poorly executed, innacurate throwbacks, Affliction clothing, John Madden’s Brett Favre man-crush, saying THE Ohio State University, sweater vests, weak pitching staffs
Team(s) I Root For: Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers, University of Wisconsin hockey, football and basketball (in that order), Marquette Basketball, any team Fernando Torres plays on, LSU football
Teams I Hate Irrationally: It’s fully rational and justifiable to hate the Cubs, Vikings, Minnesota hockey, Auburn, the Bears, Ohio State, Michigan, the Cowboys and Manchester United
50 Word Biography: Tomboy since birth who’s always loved to write. I’m a Midwestern gal with a Cajun/Creole soul who says ya’ll and sooooo00-dah. Went to school in New Orleans and stayed awhile. My dogs are my kids. Love baking, music, dancing, funky jewelry, reading and traveling. Want to visit every baseball stadium.
Offense or Defense: Hits happen all game, but a diving stab and throw to first is special. Defense wins games.

Lady Bee

Birthplace: a town you’ve never heard of in Atlantic Canada
Turns Me On: a sense of humour, amazing eyes, the innate ability to steal second
Turns Me Off: Your name is Alex Rodriguez.
Team(s) I Root For: Yankees (What! I can hate A-Rod and still love the Pinstripes!), Packers, Jets, Leafs, Canadian Football League teams that display wheat on their helmets, Dodgers as long as Torre’s coaching
Teams I Hate Irrationally: OMIGOD THE RED SOX, Blue Jays, Cowboys, Raptors (and I’m not even that into basketball!), Devils, Patriots
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I’m a 30-something mama to two cutie pies and a 13-year old cat. I’m juggling full-time work and part-time university. I love Derek Jeter almost as much as my husband. My dream job is to anchor Sportscentre. Writing for Ladies… is the next best thing.
Offense or Defense? I’ll have the Big O, please.



Name: Kira Crane – just Crane, for you on the intarwebs.
Birthplace: Cardassia. No actually, Providence, Rhode Island. We only lived there until I was a few months old, then went to Michigan for three years, and then moved out to Los Angeles, where I live now.
Turns Me On: Pitchers. High socks. Eyeblack. Great defensive plays and great curveballs. Guys who are totally cool with being themselves, whether that means being New Age-y and overpaid, or being sort of a farmboy and vastly underappreciated. Impeccable grammar, good vocabulary, and great spelling. No-hitters and perfect games and lengthy speeches about pitching mechanics or about funny stuff like microwaves. Sabermetrics and graphs. Good pitching mechanics.
Turns Me Off: Outfielders, except for Jason Bay, Grady Sizemore, and Hunter Pence. Offense, aka Bad Pitching (unless you’re Barry Zito, in which case, pitch as badly as you want, dude, you’re still hot). Guys who are injured a lot and guys who have bad mechanics. Basketball players. Beards. Bad haircuts. Those Phiten necklace thingies, or anyone wearing more than one or two necklaces
Team(s) I Root For: Florida (Miami) Marlins, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers (hey, don’t make fun of me, I live here), Oakland A’s. Occasionally the Philadelphia Phillies, the Toronto Blue Jays (Roy Halladay! -swoons-), and/or the Baltimore Orioles, depending on who they’re playing. And I sometimes root for the Miami Dolphins, because Chad Pennington has nice hair.
Teams I Hate Irrationally: New York Yankees. New York Mets. Chicago Cubs. Texas Rangers. St Louis Cardinals.
50 Word Biography: I’m a UCLA student who loves baseball and spends way too much watching, reading about, writing about, and playing it. I also write stories, take photos, tweet, and train horses.
Offense or Defense: Pitching.

Lady Liz

Name: Elizabeth
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Turns Me On: Food – particularly wings with blue cheese and Philly Cheesesteaks. Cleveland athletes whose first name end in “ady.” 70 degree, sunny weather. Confidence. Inside-the-park homers. Pitchers. Intelligence.
Turns Me Off: Winter. People who are full of themselves. Liars and hypocrites.Ed Hardy – if you feel the need to spend that much money on a t-shirt to look cool, chances are you really aren’t
Team(s) I Root For: Yankees, Giants, Rangers. I’m a New York homer all the way. If I cared at all about the NBA, I would be rooting for the Knicks.
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Red Sox, Cowboys, Eagles, and Duke. I also cannot stand the Angels. But the animosity comes from the fact that they always seem to beat the Yanks. Yep, I’m pretty much just jealous!
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Born in Brooklyn, now I live in Staten Island. Still in college but should graduate in December. Have no idea what to do next. I love baseball, football, college basketball, reading, eating, beer, and singing and dancing – even if I’m not very good at either.
Offense or Defense? Defense.

Name: Maggie
Birthplace: The Hub of the Universe (Boston, MA), but now I live in the city of Champion (singular, unless you count the Soul, which I do not), Philadelphia.
Turns Me On: Basebrawls, well-executed pitching, the crack sound when a bat makes solid contact with the ball, goal celebrations and impenetrable defense. And violence, apparently.
Turns Me Off: Pinstripes pf the blue variety, folks who hold forth on subjects they know nothing about (i.e. No, Jackie Robinson never played for the Phillies. EVERY TEAM retired his number, shut your face.), The Manning Family, Tailgate-free parking lots, Cristiano Ronaldo, The Wave (Seriously, there’s a game on. Watch it.)
Team(s) I Root For: Red Sox, Your World (Expletive Deleted) Champion Philadelphia Phillies of Philadelphia,  Patriots, Steelers, Arsenal. Also, the Penguins on the rare occasions that I choose to care about hockey. (This usually occurs during the playoffs, and I fully cop to being That Girl)
Teams I Hate Irrationally: I refuse to believe that any of this hate is irrational, but I have an active and healthy hate-on for the Yankees, the Colts, the Mets, Chelsea, Man U the Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. Think that last one is out of place? I’m a Pats fan with a long memory. SCREW OFF, FAVRE.
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that a bad day at the ballpark is better than a great day at work and I fall into a deep funk sometime around November that doesn’t let up until Febuary. To say that I have a bit of a Baseball Problem is probably putting it sixteen degrees south of mildly.
Offense or Defense? Defense, every day and twice on Sunday.



Birthplace: Buffalo, NY
Turns Me On: David Wright, Jose Reyes, Daniel Murphy, the new Citi Field, Santana’s butt wiggle before he throws a pitch, Johnny Damon’s spikey hair for this year, Shaun O’Hara’s eyes, Rob Ray fighting, (ok fine, any Buffalo Sabre fighting), BEAST MODE, Big Pelf (except when he knocks himself over), Trent Reznor, stubble, honesty, good music, a good gin and tonic, oh and long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners.
Turns Me Off: Heath Bell, stalkers and creeple, bunting, the ‘good play ass slap’, Terrell Owens (I don’t care if he’s playing for my team now, I do not like him at all), really any cocky athlete, actually cockiness in general, meat, loud drunk girls at bars, gluttony, liars, athletes who retire and then unretire, the fact that Sportscenter still brings up their new studio in LA, Tom Brady, useless obvious color commentary and cheesy unrelated banter from the box, and Ronnie Belliard when he sticks out his tongue.
Team(s) I Root For: New York Mets, Buffalo Bills, and Buffalo Sabres at the top, then I will occasionally root for the New York Yankees, the New York Giants, and whatever underdog I feel bad for in March Madness
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Philedelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars, New Jersey Devils, Carolina Hurricanes, occasionally the Jets, and the Knicks because they suck. Yes, that’s a long list of hate.
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I’m a Buffalo-born NYC transplant who is a music fanatic and a loyal fan to my top three teams. I love cooking, running, shopping, pets, coffee, flowers, making lists, and yelling at the television.
Offense or Defense? Always offense, baby


THE Blonde Bomber

Name: Meg Pow
Birthplace: Hagerstown, MD
Turns Me On: tube sox, tattoos, dock shoes, chest hair, freckles, baseball stadiums, the Horseshoe, left handed pitchers, run away truck ramps, manners, muscle cars, dogs with big balls, a nice red wine, the way the steam rolls off a Yuengling, rare steaks, the sound of the ball when I hit a perfect drive, the NFL combine, “What it takes to be number one” speech, baking for stress relief, Tony Reali, Thursday nights in fall with Jesse Palmer, bass players, loud music, cheese,  camping, men in suits,  mystery science theatre 3000, war history, the word “copasetic,” libraries, pre-Raphaelite paintings, kitchen appliances, Dean Martin, loyalty, lacrosse, sushi, fantasy sports teams, apple products, Burt Reynolds, laughter,  Bill Clinton, underdogs and Josh Lyman from West Wing!
Turns Me Off: Tom Brady, Josh Beckett, Tony Romo, Curt Schilling, Eli Manning, A-Fraud, Carson Palmer, Brady Quinn, hockey, tennis, fan interference, pigeons, people who cannot be bothered to say “bless you” when you sneeze, people who do not say “thank you” when a “bless you” has been given, people offended by double dipping, bad grammar, Yuengling’s limited distribution, and people kissing in public!
Team(s) I Root For: THE ohio state buckeyes, Colts, Yankees, Indians (because no team from ohio triumphs in the post season!), Cavs (for the same reason)
Teams I Hate Irrationally: the Red Sux and namely Josh Beckett, the Patriots, the Cowboys, Florida, U of Miami (I’m not a ref, I didn’t steal your championship!), USC, Texas
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I believe in God, family and football.  I believe life is too short to ever give up carbs or drink light beer.  I believe the way things are is not the way things have to be. And I believe in charcoal over gas!
Offense or Defense? They say defense wins championships, but scoring is way more fun… offense baby!


Name: Jenn
: B-More
Turns me On
: Dimples, Quarterbacks, Messy hair, Men in uniform (preferably of the athletic variety), Red mohawks, Andy Roddick without a shirt, Hot hockey players, an Oriole win (it’s rare), fantasy sports, California boys, dorks, Nights at Camden Yards, Sangria, Laughing/Humor, Mike Green!!
Turns me off
: Missing teeth, spitting, a Duke/Yankee/Steeler logo, creepers, Kevin Youkilis, Joakim Noah, two-faced bitches, replays of my team losing on sports center, heart-breaking losses
Teams I root for
: Maryland Terrapins, Washington Capitals, Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Green Bay Packers, Portland Trailblazers, Calgary Flames, Dallas Cowboys
Teams I hate Irrationally
:  There is no irrationality in my hate for Duke…or the Yankees, or maybe even the Steelers…ok maybe some irrationality, but I can’t help it.  Let’s also add West Virginia, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles for good measure!
50 Word Biography
:  Born and raised in Baltimore, and not afraid to cut a bitch j/k!  Crazy, funny girl whose life revolves around sports.  First sports crush: Brett Favre. Now: addicted to quarterbacks. Graduated from Maryland. Absolutely love hockey and hockey players. Caps & Terps Football season ticket holder. Go Terps! Go Caps!
Offense or Defense: depends on the sport…or the athlete ;-)  Since defense wins championships…I’ll go with defense

And, just as a refresher, here is a little bit about the “old” Ladies…!

Games Mistress

Birthplace: Tulsa, OK
Turns Me On: a nice smile, a sense of humor, a well-executed double play, a tight spiral thrown for a first down, and baseball pants worn just below the knee.
Turns Me Off: guys who hit on me when I’m trying to watch the game, poor rebounding, black uniforms on teams where black isn’t an official team/school color.
Team(s) I Root For: St. Louis Cardinals, Oklahoma Sooners, New York Jets, and (in a half-assed sort of way) the Knicks.
Teams I Hate Irrationally: the Dallas Cowboys.  And Jeremy Shockey.  I consider my hatred of the University of Texas to be completely rational and logical.
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Grew up in Oklahoma in a sports-loving family with two brothers who played everything from wrestling to lacrosse.  Moved to New York for graduate school and stayed.  When I’m not writing about sports, I write fiction and edit for the web journal Pindeldyboz .
Offense or Defense? Defense. I’m an old fashioned girl.

Miss Minda

Name: Minda
Birthplace: Rural Nebraska
Turns Me On: Baseball socks worn properly, sabermetrics, eyeblack, good outfield range, over-the-shoulder catches, dominant pitching, triples, facial scruff, the MLB Network, and a nice set of calves.
Turns Me Off: Dumb facial hair, blowhard TV “analysts,” poor grammar, cheaters, people who refer to my Huskers as the “Skers.”
Team(s) I Root For: Kansas City Royals! Nebraska Cornhuskers! And I am insanely jealous of the Red Sox front office, so I like them too. A lot.
Teams I Hate Irrationally: It’s not irrational to hate the White Sox, the Yankees,  Notre Dame, or BYU. Not at all.
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Born, raised, and still in Nebraska. I work for the Omaha Royals (AAA-affiliate for KC), and write  a couple of blogs. I’m a journalism major at the University of Nebraska, but mostly I just watch sports, read sports blogs, play videogames, eat wings, drink Dr. Pepper, and Photoshop things.
Offense or Defense? Pitching, please.

20 thoughts on “UPDATED Announcement: Welcome your new Ladies…!

  1. Welcome ladies! Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun in here.

    Lady Bee, I’m curious as to what sparked your Jays hate. Is it because you’re a Yankees fan?

    And Crane, I’m counting on you for lots of Roy Halladay. Maybe you can get the holy grail – a shot of him in a suit?

  2. Hooray for the new Ladies…! I laughed at myself when I found myself cheering for, and then subsequently booing at, each one of your for your chosen loyalties. :)

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  4. MK – yeah, I generally have issues with the rest of the AL East. ’round these parts you’re expected to be a fan of either the Jays or the Red Sox. I refuse to be a victim of regional coverage. I did enjoy them in their late 80s-early 90s heyday as a teen. My first ever ball game was Jays-Orioles at SKYDOME (it will ALWAYS be Skydome) in ’91. Or possibly 1990. It was a long time ago.

    Blonde Bomber – Most definitely! I spit nails when they resigned him. Love that you are too ;)

    Gosh, I’m glad to be here!

    • I totally get wanting to do your own thing. And it always will be Skydome to me (although I wish they had chosen my name, The Roundhouse).

      I’m mad that you guys got AJ because you had buckets of money to throw at him. I’ve had to give grudging respect to Jeter because he respects Doc. And Mo is a treasure. Should be an interesting season.

  5. This Lady BeeBee character is indeed interesting.

    A Blue Jays hater from Halifax? Even more, a Red Sox hater? What bizarro part of Atlantic Canada are you from?

    Hey didn’t ladiesss already have a Can-Con required Canadian author?

  6. Welcome ladies. Awe, a Cardinals lover, and a hater. Wow.
    Also a Jermey Shockey hater, he’s my favorite NFL player.

  7. Congrats!
    Welcome Ladies… I am so glad to see so many baseball lovers – the world cannot have enough. I look forward to reading your posts!

  8. Mayor Gaston – I’m actually living in Fredericton, NB. But I’ve lived in various parts of the province and was born in the northern part just across the river from the Quebec border.

    I LOVE Halifax! I have a sister there and try to get over there at least once a year.

  9. Welcome new Ladies…! I’m glad that things will carry on with some awesome new talent! Can’t wait to see what you girls have in store for us!

  10. Welcome & congrats to all!

    Buffalita-I love yelling at the TV too. In fact I just did a minute ago; stupid Bengals taking head case, man-boobed Andre Smith! Ugh!

    But seriously, no love for special teams? :P

  11. Congratulations to all the new Ladies… and to Minda and GM for keeping this old place not only running, but bringing in fresh blood. As one of the way back when Ladies, I can’t tell you how deliriously happy it makes me to see what all y’all have done here.

    And a special yay for Maggie – who is both hilarious and a Sox fan, and therefore RULES by definition.

  12. Stop it, Texas Gal, you’re going to make me blush. Or, you know, watch more Baseball Tonight, which is what I was doing anyway.

    But I’ll BLAME YOU FOR IT.

    Thanks, y’all. I think I can speak for all of the new Ladies…when I say that we’re all incredibly excited about this and really looking forward to it.

  13. Texy, thanks a bunch. I really appreciate the kind words! Hit us up if you ever want to come back and haunt the site for a day. (That goes for all the Ladies… from the past, too. Like a glorious, eyeblack-smeared reunion tour!)

  14. CuteSports – since you are a Wisconsin Hockey fan…you must know about my married love Dave Steckel!! I think he was a buckeye, but I thought you may have heard about him since he was a rival. He is amazingly hot!

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