Theme Thursday Round 2

It’s time for another edition of Theme Thursday!  This week’s mysteriously connected hotties are maybe a little less famous than last week, but they all still have something in common.

Last week’s winner was gretchenarchangel, and I’m going to take her suggestion that the winner gets to suggest a theme for a future round.  So, gretchen, email us with your idea.  Those of you who came up with alternate solutions can brag that you were more creative than me, if that makes you happy.

Anyway, on to this week’s challenge!

Petr Sykora

Andreas Lilja

Shannon Brown

What do these three men have in common?

12 thoughts on “Theme Thursday Round 2

  1. They all have a game tonight?

    Petr’s hurt…so he’s not playing…Good thing Scott Stevens isn’t around to call him a sissy.

  2. I found out that he wasn’t hurt! He was benched in favor of Miro Satan. Needless to say, the Pens lost.

    GM, that’s all I got. You’ve stumped us.

  3. They all had playoff games last night for teams with at least a two game lead in their series (I would have also accepted just “leading their series”). Alison gets creativity points for the playoff beard idea, though I think Shannon Brown wears his facial hair like that all the time.

    • I was gonna say originally that they all had a chance to clinch the series, until I saw that the Lakers were only in game 3. So, I lost my mojo after that.

  4. yeah…I think Shannon Brown has facial hair all the time…but does it become “playoff” worthy by default when they make it to the post-season??

  5. They all played in the state of Michigan. Brown at Michigan State and both Petr and Andreas played for the Red Wings. That’s the only thing I could come up with.

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