Belated NBA Playoff, Uh, Preview?

Ray Allens buzzer beater beat me, too.

So ... that happened. Yesterday. Oops.

So was anyone else completely surprised that the NBA playoffs started this weekend?  I know they are basically on the same schedule as the NHL and yet finding Lakers-Jazz Game 1 on my TV caught me totally off guard.  I think it’s because in April I’ve still got a bit of a March Madness hangover and what little bit of basketball news I can process gets obscured by the part of my brain screaming “BASEBALL!!!”

Anyway, the one thing I really hate about the NBA playoffs is trying to remember who is playing on what day.  So here is a brief picture preview of the three series that are playing tonight.  Even though this post is now late so it’s belated for more reasons than one.  Sorry.

Lakers- Jazz

Lakers lead 1 game to 0.  Game 2 in Los Angeles at 10:30 ET.

Here’s the obligatory Kobe picture, for those of you (like my friend Sarah), who like him.  For those of you who don’t, here’s Andrew Bynum.

Carlos Boozer is not my cup of tea, but he’s an excellent player and I could see how some people might find him attractive.

Does anyone think the Jazz are getting out of the Coliseum with a win?  I don’t.


Houston leads series 1 game to 0. Game 2 at 10:00 ET.

The Rockets got a fairly suprising upset in Game 1 of this series, thanks to 9 for9 shooting from Yao Ming.  And though I find him more “odd looking” than “good looking,”  this picture keeps cracking me up.

Anyway, on the Portland side there was kind of a lot to choose from.  But I thought this picture of Brandon Roy was as expressive of the Blazers’ feelings after Game 1 as Yao’s is of the Rockets’.


Cleveland leads series 1 game to 0. Game 2 at 8:00 ET.

Detroit’s starting five is not really prime material for this site (especially when Hamilton’s wearing the full face mask).  And the way the Cavs have been playing they won’t be around long anyway.  So I’m going to put up this picture of Aaron Afflalo because he’s hot and I like to say his name.

And come on, you all know who I’m using for the Cavs.

OK, here’s another one:

So my question is:  we all know Lebron is really, really,really,really,really,really good, but is he also really, really,really,really,really,really hot? Or just really,really hot? Discuss!

5 thoughts on “Belated NBA Playoff, Uh, Preview?

  1. Helllllooooo Aaron! I had no idea he was so lovely. Of course he’s a Piston, so that’s probably why I never noticed before.

    Lebron is really^6 hot! Varejao is pretty cute too.

    On a side note, Boozer would be hot if only his head wasn’t so scary.

  2. I do not find LeBron attractive either. For the lakers I have to go with Luke Walton…I mean how can we forget Luke. And the Jazz have Kyle Korver now so he would be my Jazz choice.

    I have an aversion to Carlos Boozer and basically anyone that ever played for Duke. I thought Carlos was hideous when he played for Duke, but he has either grown on me or I can just get past his hideousness now. lol

  3. I don’t think LeBron is hot. But I think he’s awesome – I love his commercials, and, damn, that man can play ball. He does have a fantastic smile and looks decent in a suit…

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