Theme Thursday: What do these guys have in common?

It’s Thursday and everyone’s getting antsy waiting for the weekend, so let’s play a little game.  A game involving pictures of hotties — that will make the day go faster, right?  Anyway, below you will find pictures of three different, well-known (both in the wider sports world and on this site) male athletes.  Can you guess what they have in common?  First person to get it right gets … bragging rights.  (Sometimes that’s all you need.  Just ask my brothers, who I totally beat in our NCAA tourney pool this year.)

And now, the game ….

Tom Brady

Tiger Woods

What Do These Three Men Have In Common?

UPDATE: We have a winner. Gretchenarchangel gets eternal* bragging rights for guessing this week’s theme. We don’t like spoilers, so we won’t put the answer here…but you can go check it out in the comments!

*or, until we do another one of these

14 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: What do these guys have in common?

  1. They’re hot and married to women who could also be considered hot? Sorry – with Tom at the top of the pics, I couldn’t get my head around anything other than HOT. :D

    @ Pam – Are they caps/replacements? Maybe he’s had them fixed or something…

  2. Gretchenarchangel got it first – the theme was…They’re married!

    (Games Mistress is currently in a meeting and wanted me to see who won. Darn real life!)

    Soo….go and brag!

  3. Oh and at the risk of being a downer, Federer’s baby hasn’t been born yet so if for some terrible reason it’s not then he wouldn’t really be a father would he? Am I a horrible person for thinking about this? Or does he have other children that I’m unaware of?

  4. I’m totally on board with allowing bragging rights to people who came up with alternate answers. Especially Crane, who is totally right about the arms.

    Sorry I couldn’t look in yesterday. Twelve hour workdays suck.

  5. Semi-eternal bragging rights? Where’s my evil laugh? (digs around in the box below the desk) I think I’ve temporarily misplaced it. How about I get to come up with the next set of things in common?

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