Pardon the interruption…a plea to rich women

This is not really, technically sports-related. Well, Tony Romo is in the photo, and HE is obviously sports-related, but…that’s about as sportsy as this post will get. These photos of Romo and Jessica Simpson have been making the rounds yesterday and today, including an appearance on Deadspin. The gals of GFY already handled the sofa-esque patterns of Simpson’s tiny orange dress with their usual hilarity.

Click image for full-size

Yes, it’s disturbing that some paparazzo stuck his camera UP her skirt for some photos (totally NSFW!), but something else is really bothering me here.
Jessica. You are a wealthy woman, and I’m guessing your shopping budget could singlehandedly rescue whole nations from poverty. So why in the name of Tony Romo’s Dimples are your toes hanging out the front of your shoes? Seriously, that’s sort of…well, it’s trashy.

Yes, your shoes are cute (albeit a little stripperesque), but if they’re only available in a two-too-small size, DON’T GET THEM.

And don’t tell me you have bigger-than-average feet, or some crap like that. Paris Hilton has feet the length of my entire arm, and her shoes always fit properly. And it’s obviously not a matter of budget: I’m a poor college student, and MY shoes fit properly. You can afford better than this, and your toes deserve better. Please, next time…try these things on before you go out in them.

*clears throat* So…umm…sports. How about the White Sox taking Scott Podsednik back, eh?

After a year with the Rox, hes back with the Sox.

After a year with the Rox, he's back with the Sox.

Bonus reading material: Hump Day Hottie: Scott Podsednik

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5 thoughts on “Pardon the interruption…a plea to rich women

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s just to help the team stay afloat while Wise is on the DL. It’s a minor league deal, so they obviously don’t see Scotty PoPo as a long-term solution. Still kinda weird to see a team re-sign a guy they exiled themselves last year.

  2. I’m more of a Brian Anderson fan for CF over Wise, but I am truly sorry he got hurt. I am not a fan of Jerry Owens at all. I suppose Scotty Pods will be a fine back up back up…

  3. PODZILLA IS BAAAACK! Yes, most likely not long term, but still. Podzilla is back. I do love Jerry Owens and wish he didn’t suck so much. :(

  4. Yay Pods! Although I have to say real eye black is much sexier than those stick-ons.

    On the shoe/apparel note I have to agree. Seriously, with the kind of money these women have, how is it that they can’t buy shoes and clothes that fit and don’t look hideous? I’ve seen a few other female celebs wearing shoes that fit like that and I just don’t get it–it looks bad and it can’t be comfortable.

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