Hockey hotties: Playoffs, round 1

Puck Daddy brings us the NHL Round 1 playoff schedule today, and as a Versus subscriber…I’m ready. The very earliest games are Wednesday at 7 Eastern: Rangers at Capitals, and Flyers at Penguins. In honor of the fact that these teams will be the first to take the ice in this playoff season, let’s peek at some of the finer parts of these four rosters, shall we?

Predictable, I know. You got a problem with that?

Predictable, I know. You got a problem with that?

Well hello again, Mr. Crosby

Well hello again, Mr. Crosby

Our Penguins Hottie, predictably, is Sidney Crosby. Crosby had a pretty good season (103 points), but not as awe-inspiring as his rookie year. He’s still totally hot this season, though… One more Sidney photo before we move on to the Penguins opponent, the Flyers.

...OK, moving on. But hes like an addiction!

...OK, moving on after this one. But he's like an addiction!

Our Flyers Ambassador of Hotness is Jeff Carter…although I think he’s a lot more talented than he is good-looking. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

He was an All-Star, if thats what youre into.

He was an All-Star, if that's what you're into.

From Carter’s player page on the Flyers website:

[Carter] is one of three players to appear in all 81 games this season (Knuble, Hartnell) and has appeared in 213 consecutive games for the Flyers… Leads the Flyers in points (83), goals (45), game-winning goals (12), overtime goals (3), shots (339) and plus/minus (+24)… He is tied for the lead in power-play goals (12), tied for second on the team in shorthanded goals (4) and ranks second among Flyers forwards in average ice time per game (20:59)….

Preeeeetty good stuff. And that is one cute little smirk.

Seriously, hockey team portraits are the BEST.

Seriously, the NHL's player portraits are the BEST.

The Flyers actually had a lot of hotties; I strongly encourage you to go investigate their roster (and share your favorites in the comments, of course!)

Moving on to our other Wednesday early matchup, let’s take a peek at our Capitals Hotties. We’ve already drooled over Boyd Gordon, so we chose a different hottie to represent the Caps this week. Let’s go with Center, David Steckel. Why? Because this portrait is awesome.

His player bio says hes a Michael Phelps fan, though... :(

His player bio says he's a Michael Phelps fan, though... :(

Fun fact: Steckel was among the league leaders in faceoffs. And now, here is a completely unnecessary Boyd Gordon pic. a puppy. Who plays hockey. a puppy. Who plays hockey.

Our last team is the Rangers. I believe this is a rather non-hot team. I couldn’t find anyone on their entire roster that I desperately wanted to feature in this post. Rangers fans, feel free to correct me and make suggestions, but…umm…Colton Orr is the best I could find, and he’s kind of a douchebag.

99% of pics of Orr involve fighting. True story.

99% of pics of Orr involve fighting. True story.

So there you have it, hockey fans. We are a mere two days away from the playoffs, so get excited! And maybe…get Versus!

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22 thoughts on “Hockey hotties: Playoffs, round 1

  1. I’ll help you out here, from my Atlantic Division biased perspective:

    For the Flyers – Mike Richards is better looking than Carter.

    The Penguins – Petr Sykora

    And the Rangers – Hank Lundqvist is way hotter than anyone else on that roster, as they are pretty gross overall. (Yes, Orr is a douchebag).

  2. as much as it pains me to find something redeeming about the rangers and flyers, i’d have to go with zherdev for the rangers and claude giroux for the flyers (i don’t actually know why i love him so much).

    oh. and marc-andre fleury for the pens. he’s so adorable in interviews. i want him to be my best friend.

  3. Ooooh! I love Fleury too!

    I have to agree w/Pam. Petr and Lundqvist are hot.

    Excellent choices Minda! That little scar on Carter totally ups his hotness quotient.

  4. I should mention that it was not easy for me to admit that those players are hot. (Except for Petr, since he used to be one of my own).

  5. Okay – I don’t have time to write, but I couldn’t miss looking at hockey hotties. David Steckel is #1 of these for me!

  6. I have to add that I too find Mike Richards much hotter than Jeff Carter, and this is hard for me to admit because I’m a diehard Caps fan. I love me some Stecks love…too bad he’s married or I’d be all over that. My Caps love is Mike Green and don’t forget Brooks Laich and Jose Theodore! We have a hot team!

  7. My bad. Didn’t see the EMBOLDENED PART where you limited it to certain teams that aren’t the Blackhawks.

    I just have trouble containing my Jesus Havlat Christ love.

  8. I would like to draw your undivided attention to #21 Brooks Laich of the Capitals. How do you keep missing him in your hump-day hotties?!

  9. Ah, hockey. Seen you have been paying attention to the East.
    I know my Blues were swept and all, but David Backes is pretty. He and Oshie will be playing for Team USA.
    Can’t go wrong with Crosby though.

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