Congratulations, Tar Heels and Huskies ! Next year, let’s make it interesting.

Through the hoop.  Thats ...different, Geno.

Through the hoop. That's ...different, Geno.

And so, with Tuesday night’s rout of Louisville, the NCAA basketball season comes to a close with the inevitable UConn women’s victory.  Congratulations to the Huskies, both for winning the tournament and making this year’s women’s tournament the most boring postseason event ever, at least in terms of its ultimate conclusion.

But really, it’s not like the men’s tournament was much better.  the North Carolina men’s championship was certainly not the foregone conclusion the UConn women’s was — and did not come with an undefeated regular season, either — but once their respective tournaments began, both Tarheels and Huskies ripped through their brackets in a fairly similar manner.  Look:

Those are some dominant numbers right there.  They are also some boring numbers.  (To be gracious, I will even point out that Carolina’s smallest margin of victory — against Oklahoma — does not fully show how completely they dominated that game from the opening tip.)

So, congratulations all, but next year could we have just a bit more madness in our March?

Dominant defense

Dominant defense

Dominant offense.

Dominant offense.

Danny Green break! Hi, Danny!

Danny Green break! Hi, Danny!

Dominant dogpile.

Dominant dogpile.

Dominant trophy raising.

Dominant trophy raising.

If you are a fan of either of these two teams, go ahead and gloat in the comments. We don’t mind.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations, Tar Heels and Huskies ! Next year, let’s make it interesting.

  1. The Uconn women could beat the Rutgers men (and obviously women) by at least 30…maybe 40. I can’t stand Geno’s girls, but hey, they kick some serious ass at what they do.

    This was the worst collective March Madness experience since I began following it.

  2. My Tar Heels finally stopped screwing the pooch ( I am still not completely over that loss to Georgetown in ’07) and won it all!!!! The game was less than exciting, but the win was awesome*. And only 10 people ended up burning themselves in that fire jumping madness on Franklin St. It was a good night all around. Let the “Hansbrough will be a mediocre pro” conversations commence.

    * I felt bad for Travis Walton. The kid was so good all year long and then his team got rocked on the biggest stage in front of the home crowd.

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