It’s Opening Day!

The Ladies have spies everywhere.

The Ladies have spies everywhere.

Today is a rainy Monday in New York, but I do not care because somewhere in this country, a major league baseball game is only hours away.  Yup, it’s Opening Day — as long as you are not the Phillies and Braves (played last night), or the Royals and White Sox (snowed out — sorry, Minda!). It’s still a national holiday in my head; it’s too bad my employer doesn’t recognize those.

Anyway, to celebrate, here’s a brief photo recap of the Official First Game of the 2009 season.  Welcome back, boys!

Ryan Howard poses cute for the camera.

Ryan Howard poses cute for the camera.

The Phillies entered through two rows of fans as part of their “defending World Champion” opening festivities.  I’d make fun, but if I had the chance to do this with the Cardinals nothing would keep me off that field.

Your first winning pitcher of 2009? Derek Lowe.  I totally forgot he was on the Braves now, too.

Your first winning pitcher of 2009? Derek Lowe. I totally forgot he was on the Braves now, too.

Jordan Schaefer, the Braves’ new centerfielder, became the 99th player in major league history to hit a home run in his first career at bat.  He seems cute in that looks-like-he’s-fourteen kind of way, but it was hard to find a decent picture of his face.

Who are you all looking forward to seeing today?

12 thoughts on “It’s Opening Day!

  1. Yay for baseball :) Soo excited for Opening Day! I got my Utley fix last night, so today I’m looking forward to seeing Hanley Ramirez since I’m going to the Marlins Home Opener!!!

  2. I am emailing pics now…you really gotta see Schaefer without a shirt…

    Credit goes to Lauren at at least that is where I got them from!!!

  3. I’m sad that my Royals were snowed out…the Red Sox/Rays game was also postponed! The silver lining is, I’ll be free to watch most of the game tomorrow, whereas today I am stuck in class all day.


    Sarah – if you take any cool pics, we’d love to see and share them! Have fun at the game!
    Leigh – sounds good, can’t wait to see those!

  4. Rockabye, you’re great. Leigh did e-mail the pics already, but I was too slow to post them! You win!

    Yes, it’s quite hot, although I can’t figure out why he’s all oiled up in what appears to be a doctor’s office. NOT complaining, though.

  5. I have been counting the days until Opening Day since before Spring Training! Sadly the White Sox are postponed, but baseball is back, so everything is A-Ok.

  6. Yay baseball! That Phillies intro was awesome – I want to be part of that when the Royals win it all! One of my favorite things about new seasons is seeing who’s playing for who – I can’t remember all those winter trades & FA signings! Now, let’s have the weather act like spring…

  7. Michelle, I’ve told you that a Royals player *promised* me a World Series title in 2011, right? If not…holler at me on Facebook and I’ll tell you all about it.


  8. I know it’s a little late now, but I was looking forward to watching Roy Halladay and seeing the return of Aaron Hill. I was not disappointed. :)

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