A wee little announcement

The Ladies… are now on Twitter! Follow us here, and let us know what kind of 140-character brilliance you would like us to produce. The name of a daily hottie? Our new favorite recipes? Embarrassing childhood photos? Ryan Lochte? Let us know!

You can also keep track of our latest Tweets right here on the Ladies… home page. Just scroll down and look at the right side, right under the search bar to see them!

That’s all for now – some new stuff is on the horizon. Until next time, enjoy some gratuitous Chutley.

Do I *need* a reason to put his picture here?

Do I *need* a reason to put his picture here?

6 thoughts on “A wee little announcement

  1. Not a bad idea Kirsten, but let’s allow them to include all kinds of athletes!

    (although I would prefer a hockey player too)

  2. All right. We’ll try to give you a hottie per day, but with only two of us running the ship right now, it might not be quite an everyday thing yet. Once we welcome new Ladies to the fold, we might be able to swing that for you! Keep the suggestions coming!

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