This Is The End

Well, I guess we all knew this was coming. Nothing lasts forever, not even the oogling of hot athletes doing what they and we love most. Actually, that will last forever. I mean, can you just stop admiring Grady Sizemore’s smile of Rafael Nadal’s ass? No? Well, we can’t either. It’s just the writing of it that will stop.

So I have the unlucky task of breaking the news. It’s with a heavy heart that I say that some of our ladies will be leaving Ladies… Don’t fret though, because Miss Minda and Games Mistress will be continuing on and keeping up the Ladies… standard. For right now some of us would like to say a last word to all of you. Hit the jump for our last words.

Lady Andrea

It has been an honor and a privilege to write for Ladies. I have enjoyed the sports, the email threads and, especially, the fabulous women I have met through this blog endeavor. I’m excited that it is going to continue. My favorite thing I did for Ladies was my How to Make Love to a St. Louis Cardinals Fan post. I’m sad to be leaving, but unfortunately too many real life things have gotten in the way of my blogging. I have also left my other sports blogging endeavors and can now be found solely at Zap2It. I’m actually hoping to parlay that into a fulltime job, so fingers crossed!  I love you all.


Two years ago, we started this little blog with the main premise that there are some fine specimens in the world of sports.  I have enjoyed myself immensely showcasing these athletes and what they do for their teams. But most of all, I loved connecting with my fellow Ladies…, and with the commenters.  And that’s what’s always been the most important part of sports for me – the human element.  I wish our departing Ladies… the best of luck in what they do, and for the Ladies… who are staying on: keep on keeping on!

And this wouldn’t be Ladies… without a picture of a half-naked hot guy.

Mistress Christina

So I guess this is an appropriate way to go, and is kind of the theme of why I am also bowing out of Ladies…

It is 11:45pm. I have been watching basketball since 2:30pm (and lurking online while at work since 12:20) and I just remembered I was supposed to write my Good-bye note. Le sigh. This semester, despite being my last in law school, was supposed to be fun and easy and stress free. I don’t know who told me that, I may have just made the sentiment up, and in which case I totally lied to myself. I’ve been busy and stressed out and well, bored with even myself. So I’m saying adios, and letting the Ladies… who still have the fire carry on. I have had a ton of fun. I really loved writing here. I loved meeting new people solely through the majesty of the interwebs (only one of whom I have met in person, what up metsy!). I love that I could skeez on hot guys and have other people around who could not only appreciate their hotness but also cite their height, weight and ppg right along with me. So thanks for letting me do that and reading my stuff and commenting. I read every comment, I promise. (I’m a narcissist like that :))

I wish the Ladies who are staying all the luck. I will be watching…

xoxo Mistress Christina


Let me first say that I love this blog. For the past two years it has, for the majority of the time (you know, minus family stuff), been the first thing I thought about in the mornings and where a lot of my time was spent. Well, a lot of my online time was spent. I’ve enjoyed being able to write about all the athletes I love and discovering new ones to root for. Hell, I even started liking baseball because of this lovely little blog, and that’s not an easy feat for me. But most importantly I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who enjoyed sports just as much if not more than me. People who worked on this blog with me and people that just commented. And those people have no idea how much I appreciate them. You all have seriously made a big impact on my life and I thank you for it. So, to all the Ladies… past and present, thank you for making this one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. To the commenters thank you for reading and participating and enjoying (or not enjoying) our work. And to the Ladies… sticking around, good luck and most importantly, keep having fun. And oogle the crap out of some athletes.

16 thoughts on “This Is The End

  1. This is sad. You guys (or Ladies… I suppose) couldn’t wait until Friday to break up with us? At least I could drink the pain away. No but seriously, I think I picked up on this site near the start and I’ve continued to enjoy it and am sad to see you all go.

  2. Damn this real world crap anyway. Best of luck Ladies… you will certainly be missed.

    @Janalee – who says there’s no drinking on Mondays? This deserves a really good margarita at least.

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  4. -cyber hug- I will miss you terribly. Best of luck in your new endeavours!

    (Somewhat selfishly, I’m always here if you’re willing to bring an inexperienced baseball fan on board.)

  5. *Sniff* You all will be missed. I just want to thank you all for starting this blog–it finally gave me a place to connect with other knowledgable lady sports fans who like to oolge hot athletes. And I had an absolute blast in the fantasy football this year. Thanks for everything and best of luck in all your real life endeavors!

    SA–Maybe Michigan football will be better this year! Right? :)

  6. awww man. i’m going to miss the mets fans view of hot guys but i’m glad ladies… will continue.

    to cheer everybody up why don’t we all say happy birthday to mark buehrle!

    good luck!

  7. Awww, Ladies…
    I absolutely love this site and reading what each and everyone of you contributed. I’ve spent far too much time visiting and ogling thanks to you ladies! I’m sad that you ladies are leaving, but I wish you the very best of luck in your real world endeavors.

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