Post-Bowl High Fives: Congrats to the Steelers


While I agree with Miss Minda, I am sad that the Cardinals didn’t win the Superbowl as I was rooting for them and they made a teriffic showing, I still think that we here at Ladies… need to give recognition to the Steelers. After the break, some fun celebration photos to help wipe away the sad.


He uses Right Guard


He uses Speedstick




Super Bowl XLIII Football

getting gatoraded!

Super Bowl XLIII Football

wet but happy - and not even 37 years old yet

Super Bowl XLIII Football

for the fans


what a crowd

Super Bowl XLIII Football

way to...

Super Bowl XLIII Football

keep your...

Super Bowl XLIII Football

feet in bounds!!!

Congratulations to both teams on a great game, and to the Pittsburgh Steelers on their sixth Superbowl win!

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