Rafa is the best. Can we stop this debate now?

Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open! Effectively kicking Roger Federer’s ass (mind you it took 5 sets), and even making him cry. (Srsly, Federer seemed broken-hearted over the loss.) Roger is still on the quest to beat Pete Sampras’ record of 14 individual Grand Slam titles. He was going to do it too. Easily. And then 4 short years ago, this kid shows up on the scene. Rafael Nadal has a ridiculous 13-6 record against Federer, better than anyone else in the world. They have played against each other in 7 Grand Slam finals, which Rafa winning 5 of them. Roger, who was almost unbeatable in his prime, looks distinctly human playing against Nadal. Welcome to the Age of Rafa, my friends. Pete Sampras’ record might just be safe (from Roger that is) after all.

Yeah hes making a weird face, but look at that arm!

Yeah he's making a weird face, but look at that arm!

He's so awesome that he can levitate his racket with the power of his mind!

"It's not your fault that you are aging and my supple 23 year old body can last longer in this heat. Did I mention you are old?"

I don't even like Federer, but this kind of breaks my heart...

"Even though you suck, we can still be friends."

Even my cold black heart hurts for him in this pic. But yet I post it for you all to see...

Even my cold black heart hurts for him in this pic. But yet I post it for you all to see...

There were some shirtless pics of Rafa at the source, but in many of them the watermark obscures his abs (curse you, Getty!) and in others, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t kill him to work on his pecs… A man with arms that developed should not have the chest muscles of an 8 year old. I’m just sayin.

3 thoughts on “Rafa is the best. Can we stop this debate now?

  1. I was so pissed with all of Roger’s errors I was hoping it would end on a double fault. I’m glad that he doesn’t grunt like Nadal, and I do like stoic athletes… I just wish Roger would have not played like he looked. Whatever.

    I think some underwear company needs to invent some new panties for Mr. Nadal. Some of you girls may like seeing him pick his ass at every opportunity but it disturbs me.

  2. Don’t dance on Roger’s grave juuuuuuuust yet.

    The difference between him and Rafa at Wimbledon was four critical points. The difference at the Aussie was three…or arguably less.

    Not taking anything away from Rafa. He’s unbelievable and is worthy of being king of the mountain for now.

    Just saying that when Roger swallows a little pride and gets a coach that can give him a game plan to deal with what Rafa’s been throwing at him lately, he’s got enough God-given talent to re-capture the World Number One.

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