New Jersey IT Win Only Second Most Improbable After VA Tech Beats Wake Forest


I saw this while watching the Today show this morning. Now, I don’t really like basketball much and don’t follow the pros, let alone college … but it seemed worth mentioning, especially after the lead-in for Metsy’s Hit and Run today. I know this wasn’t really as important of a game, but for the NJIT boys it sure felt like it! I’m always rooting for the underdogs. More details and photos of my MVP after the break.

New Jersey Institute of Technology ended its 51-game losing streak Wednesday night, getting 26 points from sophomore Jheryl Wilson in a 61-51 victory over Bryant. The Highlanders, in their third year of Division I competition, went winless last season. Good for them to break that streak!


In action for the win.

Rider Thompson Basketball

There he is on the left!


Go, go, go!


Way to move!


Awww, what a cute baby face.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey IT Win Only Second Most Improbable After VA Tech Beats Wake Forest

  1. Hooray for NJIT! Seriously, playing for teams that bad sucks. My jr. basketball team lost every game in two seasons, often with us only scoring in single digits. The practice that we found out we won a game in the second season due an ineligible player was sadly the highlight of our season.

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