NHL All-Star Niklas Backstrom


Yes, it’s blatant homerism … but at its best, because I’m here to take you through a photo journey of Minnesota Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom – the only player from my home team to make it to the NHL All-Star game coming up.

After viewing the following, you can go here and tell me who you think the hottest NHL All-Star is this year!




Looking good in pink dress clothes!



I can't explain why, but this is by far my favorite pic of him out of uniform.


Surprisingly good team photo.


There's just something about those eyes! Intense.


Here he is with my other favorite goalie, Jose Theodore, who is also quite attractive! Good luck to all the players – hope you can all enjoy the game! (It’s Saturday, January 24th at 7:00 p.m. ET)

7 thoughts on “NHL All-Star Niklas Backstrom

  1. tell me who you think the hottest NHL All-Star is this year!

    Do you even need to ask me? He’s my favorite team’s only representative.

  2. I love me some hockey. But I love my Blues, and Mr. Backes sure is pretty. I love Sid too. It’s hard not to. Thanks for sharing the hockey love.

  3. Thanks – never seen him with his helmet off! Hot!! But my Preds’ Shea Weber is getting my vote!! I think we all win with all of the hotties represented!

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  5. Jonathan Toews is the hottest all star this year!

    Yes, I’m a Wild fan, but I had to point that out anyway. Mr. Backstrom did not have such a good night last night, hopefully he has a better showing in the All-Star Game/rest of the season.

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