Australian Open Hotties

I watch tennis 4 times a year. Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open. Well, it’s Australian Open time and the tennis hotties are out in force.  This is a photo-post as it has snowed here in Chapel Hill and (thank the sweet baby Jesus) North Carolinians don’t know how to drive in the snow, classes are cancelled, and I’m going to go play! Enjoy :)

It’s hot in Australia and so people like to remove their clothing. Thank God those people happen to be ridiculously well maintained athletes. Andy Murray may be quite the butter-face, but his abs are totally ON POINT.

Hmm, Novak. Intense stare. Now if you could follow the Andys example and remove some layers, that would be super.

I am not a Federer fan, but damn he looks good tan. And his hair is looking good as well…

Oh Rafa, what the heck are you wearing?? I’m going to give you a few rounds to get your hotness back in top form. Please make the necessary adjustments, STAT.

Update: Hotness is returning. Photos from yesterday/today/I have no idea Australia is far away and in a totally different time zone…

Oh hai therrrr…

Andy Roddick. You are an overrated player. You annoy me to no end in interviews. I would like to lick things off of your abdominal muscles.  If you let me do that, I might find you less irritating. Deal?

Mario Ancic of Croatia, cute in yellow.

Gilles Simon, French and gazelle-like.

6 thoughts on “Australian Open Hotties

  1. After being forced to watch the inauguration, I could hardly believe that it was even marginally possible to look good in yellow, but my faith has been restored.

  2. I KNOW! She usually looks so amazing! Who thought that color would look good on TV?? Mario, on the other hand, looks smashing in neon :)

  3. You should add my boo James Blake and crazy ol’ Marat Safin. Then I’ll co-sign.

    I hated how Hillary would always wear yellow during the primaries, it made her look bad. She looked really good in the purple today, though.

  4. Is Rafa wearing pin-stripe tennis pants (can’t really call them shorts) in the first picture?

    They canceled classes for snow? Really. As for not being able to drive in snow I think that’s nearly universal. People here can’t do it either and we’ve got snow for a good 6-7 months of the year.

  5. @Dazzling – There were no Marat pics! I scoured! I heart him. And as for James Blake… I find him to be really unattractive and his head to be overly large and bulbous, so I did not post the pics that were available of him. If you are interested, Getty Images had quite a few on their site…

    @Janalee – Yes, I do believe those are pinstripes… Oh Nike, just let them wear normal stuff! And yeah, they did cancel class. It get’s really icy here and there are many hills. I drove around just fine, but most people do not have 4-wheel drive.

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