Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison


The AP named its defensive player of the year: Pittsburgh Steelers’ James Harrison. I’m sure he’s good and all – however…

There’s also this and this:

I wish there was a way to bring more notoriety to those players who excel on the field and then exemplify the character traits towards which we wish for our children to aspire in the community as well. I don’t want my sons thinking Harrison is so great for receiving this honor, although I don’t deny his football talent. I also hope for a day when that play doesn’t trump the team’s decision on whether or not to keep him on the roster, or the league’s determination of fines or suspensions, if any. However, that’s not reality in this modern day business of professional sports.

In fairness to him, and in recognition of his achievement, here’s a video of some of his greatest sacks.

Now if only he were half that good off the field.

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