Our Year End Hump Day Hottie Spectacular!

Chances are you’ll be reading this in 2009. That’s okay. It’s a holiday and you were preparing yourself for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. But if you are reading this in 2008 then let’s go through a review of what happened this year. Specifically what happened every Wednesday of this year. Yes, we’re going to be taking a look back at the Hump Day Hotties that have graced our blog in the ’08. Why? Because how could you not want to take a trip down memory lane and remember Ryan Lochte?

So let’s go back through the year that was and enjoy our hotties one more time before we sing “Auld Lang Syne.” And if you’re reading this in 2009, remember when Lochte was so smoking in 2008 he made the Ladies… HDH? Yeah, that was awesome.

January: Former Lady Texas Gal got 2008 started right with HDHs of Braylon Edwards and Johan Hedberg. And seriously, those were two of the greatest HDH ever. But, I’m looking through my Maize and Blue colored glasses.

February: Well, we had an annivarsery that took up our time. And two of our members left. And the blog was in a period of rest and relaxation. So there were no HDH’s this month. Yeah, I know. But it is what it is. Or was. Whatever.

March: Only one HDH this month, given to us by Lady Andrea-David Padgett. I remember him. Is he still at Louisville or has he graduated already?

April: Our cup runeth over in April with a HDH for every week. We had two hockey boys back to back with Sidney Crosby and Marek Svatos. Then we had a little early season baseball HDH with Alex Rios. And we concluded the month with new Lady Chitown Chick giving us the Best of the NFL Draft. Whew. What a great month for hotties.

May: As great as April was, May was better. Especially if you’re a lover of the NHL. We had not one, but two HDH post on the 7th as Chitown Chick and I showed off the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Finals. We followed that up with a helping of westling from Arizona State and made a stop in Europe for the Champions League Final of Manchestor United vs. Chelsea. Then we finished in Paris with Rafael Nadal. May, as the kids say, was pure awesome.

June: June was a bit of a slow month as we continued the soccer and wrestling theme and looked at Euro 2008 and some Olympic wrestlers representing the red, white, and blue.

July: We have a competition between July and May as to which month was better in the HDH department. The aforementioned Ryan Lochte started July off and was followed by Joe Mauer. We then got a Rich Harden HDH after he was traded to the Cubs and went back to the Olympics with Troy Dumais. Roger Huerta closed out a very hot July.

August: Another slow month as there were only two HDH-more Olympic hotties and a profile some of the tennis hotties at the US Open.

September: The start of football got the HDH going again with some hotties from the Big 12 and a showcase on Willie Parker. Johan Santana finished off September.

October: We kept up the football and baseball theme with the Dallas Cowboys and another Cole Hamels HDH.

November: We had a bit of a Chicago theme in November, first with Dwayne Wade and then with the Chicago Bears. Chris Paul closed out the HDH in the month.

December: In the last month of 2008 we had Marat Safin, Robin van Persie, and this post! Woo!

So that’s it, every HDH of the year. It was a very hot 2008. I hope you guys enjoyed the posts every Wednesday and the more that will come in 2009. I hope everyone has (or had) a great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Enjoy the college football that’s on. And most importantly please don’t do anything stupid like drink and drive. Let’s all actually make it to ’09, shall we?

Here’s to a great 2009 for every one of our readers. Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Our Year End Hump Day Hottie Spectacular!

  1. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this post. Wow!

    And yes: I’m gonna put on my Mom Pants here and second SA’s warning – DO NOT drink and drive! It is stupid!

    2008 was a hot year, for sure. I wonder if we can outdo ourselves for 2009…

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