Hit & Run: WP, what have you done?!

The Yankees aren’t done with their Xmas list.  Not yet.  It’s rumoured that they’ve offered A.J. Burnett a 5 year deal.  His agent is looking for something in the $90 mil range.  I cannot possibly see that ending badly.  *Cough* Jaret Wright/Carl Pavano *Cough*

Jason Richardson was traded to the Suns, who’ve been looking for that spark all season long, for Boris Diaw and Raja Bell (and some other guys are involved in the trade, but if they’re not important enough for the headline, they’re not important to me).  He was the Bobcats’ leading scorer while there.

Al Harrington scored 39 points in the Knicks’ 121-109 victory over the Nets.  (I’m not a big NBA fan, but I hate when the Nets lose to the Knicks.)  Devin Harris scored 32 points for the Nets; Vince Carter had 18.  The Knicks also found out that Cuttino Mobley will be retiring due to a heart condition.  He played no games for the Knicks after being traded from the Clippers for Zach Randolph.

The Devils defeated the Pens 4-1, as goalie Scott Clemmensen stopped 26 and Zach Parisi Parise scored the winning goal.  (Now, Pam, in this case, is the winning goal the second goal of the game?)  Clemmensen is 7-1 in his last 8 games.

This lovely young man is Julian Valentin.  I was in the salon yesterday morning, reading Latina magazine (I had no choice – they didn’t have much else), and JV was interviewed in it.  He plays for the L.A. Galaxy AKA Beckham’s team, and I really wish I could’ve scanned the pictures in the mag, as this picture does him no justice.  But I do love the scar.


J.J. Putz was traded to the Mets!  In a massive deal that includes Seattle (duh), New York (duh) and Cleveland, the Mets shed Aaron Heilman (good riddance), Joe Smith (aw!) and Endy Chavez (AWWWW!).

Who gets whom:
Cleveland gets Smith from New York and 2B Luis Valbuena from Seattle;
Seattle gets Heilman, Chavez, Jason Vargas and 3 minor leaguers, all from New York;
New York gets Putz, CF Jeremy Reed and RP Sean Green (not to be confused with Shawn Green) from Seattle.

Putz’s agent is saying that Putz will not want to be a set-up man, that he’s a closer.  Too bad.

6 thoughts on “Hit & Run: WP, what have you done?!

  1. I do not concur on the sweet ass comment. That ass looks like an average ass that is filled with the shame of playing in Seattle for several seasons. The rain and the defeat just beat the life out of you! (I should know, I spent 22 years in Seattle!)

  2. Yes, MC, you are correct. Now, one more thing, it’s “Parise” not “Parisi”, but hey, you are off the hook since you included the Devils winning in Hit & Run!

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