The Ladies… Gift Lists

Chances are if you’re reading this blog then you are a sports-minded lady. Do you know what to ask for from your family and/or friends? Maybe you have a certain special female  in your life that love sports more than you? Do you know where to start in purchasing her the perfect gift this holiday season?

I thought not. So take a gander at the Ladies… gift lists and get inspired. It’s not all tickets. Someone wants this.

Cinnamon Girl: I want tickets to a Minnesota Wild playoff game, of course. But I also think it would be super fun to get a Wii for Christmas, so I can hopelessly embarrass myself bowling, golfing, etc., in the privacy of my own home!

Games Mistress: My dream present would be tickets to All-Star Weekend at Busch next summer. I’ve always wanted to go to an All-Star game and I haven’t been to St. Louis since Busch III opened, so that would be perfect.

From a gifts I might actually get standpoint, I would love to get this OU shirt from OK Tailgaters, or this Cardinals shirt from the MLB store. They are cute enough I might actually wear them on non game days.

And I just stumbled on to this by accident, but I need a St. Louis Cardinals Mr. Potato Head.

Miss Minda: One late, late, LATE night a few years ago, my roommate and I were talking about what makes a good gift from a guy. She asked, “What about a dozen roses?”

My reply: “F*** roses! What a waste of money; the guy could get me some pretty sweet Royals tickets with that!”

This year, more than any, Royals tickets would be the sweetest gift. I know it seems unoriginal, but trust me here: All good Royals she-fans want Opening Day tickets. We may not have a new stadium like New Yorkers, but the renovations to Kauffman Stadium are so extreme that it may as well be new (and awesome!). And next year could really be the fabled “Next Year” when the Royals actually win, so I desperately want to be at The K for Day 1.

Lady Andrea: This holiday season, I’m looking for 4 things.  I’d like tickets to the Blackhawks/Red Wings game at Wrigley Field on January 1st.  I live right down the street and think it’ll be a kick-ass party.  Second, I’d like a Spring Training package for the St. Louis Cardinals.  I’d like to go March 12th through the 15th to watch the Cardinals play the Red Sox.  Third, I would like to own all of Lost on DVD.  I’ve got seasons 1 and 2, so if you’ve got seasons 3 and 4, send them my way.  Finally, I’d like the Iowa Hawkeyes to grind the South Carolina Gamecocks into the dirt on January 1st in the Outback Bowl.  Hopefully this time around they’ve got some decent refs for the game.

Mistress Christina: Dear Sports Santa: I have been really pretty okay this year. I mean I haven’t killed anybody or anything, so that’s got to count for something, right? This Christmas I would like court-side seats for me and my Dad to the Duke-UNC game at the Dean Dome. I’m going to this game either way, but my Dad will complain if he doesn’t have a good view… I would also like a new UNC Nike replica basketball jersey. Number 32 – Ed Davis is one of my new fave players and an awesome freshman addition to our already awesome team. In white plz. (I know that is 14, but the online store doesn’t show all the numbers!). Hmm, I would also like tickets to a match at Old Trafford, preferably one against a fun rival like Chelsea or Liverpool. If he could take his shirt off and give it me, that would be super as well. Umm, what else? I would like an NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship (the 2009 version), I promise I’ll share it with my Tar Heel boys. I may even let them take the credit for it! Oh and these. PLEASE BRING ME SOME LOUBOUTINS! I know they have nothing to do with sports but I promise, I will use them in conjunction with a hot outfit to attempt to lure me an athlete. And hence, even footware can be tied into my love for sports. I think that’s all for this year… I’ll try and be better next year, and if I am, wow, look out for that list!

Kisses and Hugs,
Mistress Christina

P.S. Instead of cookies and milk, I left a six-pack of Corona and some chips and salsa on the mantle. I know it’s been a long night for you, and this is my fave way to wind down after a long day. Put the sleigh on “auto-pilot” and enjoy!

Metschick: Dear Santa:

All I want for Xmas are two front row seats.  To the Mets home opener at Taxpayer Field.  But since those are starting at $200 a pop, I’ll make do with this nifty tshirt. (And a Mets season where they don’t collapse like a deck of cards.)


SA: What do I want from Santa? I want Matt Joyce to stay in Detroit, an improved Michigan team for next season, a good MNC game in January, tickets to UNC-Duke at Cameron Indoor, ACC Tournament and NCAA tickets, I want to see Rafael Nadal in person at least once next year, preferably at the French Open or Wimbledon, but I’ll take US Open, Curtis Granderson at my doorstep, and do they have one of the Mr. Potato Heads in Tigers gear?

11 thoughts on “The Ladies… Gift Lists

  1. SA – I would like for Matt Joyce to stay…in my bed. But whether you get your wish or I do, I think we can agree that he should NOT be in Seattle.

    GM – I kind of want that Mr. Potato Head too, and I cannot figure out why…

  2. All I want for Christmas is for the Bengals to hire a GM. I know, it’s as likely Ryan Lochte showing up under my tree in nothing but a bow, but a girl can dream right? :)

  3. Coach: Tim Floyd has taken the Trojans to back-to-back third-place Pac-10 finishes and NCAA tournament bids while winning 63 games and sending three players to the NBA in three seasons. Picked 18th and 21st in the nation in the two

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