Hot Athlete Hotness Update

We love him. In fact he is the Ladies… Number 1 hottie. And, if this is even possible, Ryan Lochte is getting hotter after his Olympic glory. While The Phelps is at his peak levels of attractiveness while dripping wet, in or around the pool, and in various states of undress, Mr. Lochte has carved out his niche as an all around and all the time hottie. In fact, he’s taken up modeling in order to spread his hotness to a larger audience.  Please enjoy some of his newest shots… courtesy of ONTD.

I’m only a little bit jealous of this chick. And by “little bit”, I mean I would hurt people to be in her position…

I really like his hair in this pic… very John Travolta in Grease. Plus the leather jacket is hot.

Oh, and in case you forgot what he looked like without clothes on…

I hope these pics make you all as happy as they made me when I found them. It’s always good when our fave Olympic hotties keep themselves in the spot-light (and looking HOT) instead of fading into obscurity and only resurfacing every 4 years.  Please Ryan, keep putting out awesomeness like this on a regular basis. TYIA.

11 thoughts on “Hot Athlete Hotness Update

  1. Oh man. I miss the olympics. Sometimes I think they should happen every year, but then they wouldn’t be special, you know?

    And Michael Phelps is only attractive when you can’t see his face and he isn’t speaking.

  2. Now now kids, I appreciate somexseptember posting it on ONTD, otherwise I never would have found the pics!

    I get all my important info from ONTD! I’m glad they have a Lochte following.

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