Sports Decor at Christmas


At my house, we have this out every year at Christmas. We also have Minnesota Twins and Vikings ornaments on our tree. But I recognize that we have not even touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to obsessive sports fan holiday decorations. I wondered who has…

Well, it appears that there are numerous variations on the gingerbread theme.





There’s even little soccer player gingerbread men for

the Dame of Extra Time!


Then there’s the usual assortment of holiday decor! I’m sure you can find your team here too. I even found a website with ideas for making your own (economic) Christmas ornaments. Just don’t use those vintage cards you can sell on Ebay.

Here’s some of my favorite ornaments:





So tell me, how will you be fixing up your home to reflect your sports passion this holiday?

8 thoughts on “Sports Decor at Christmas

  1. I love those gingerbread “houses”. They should do a Food Network Challenge on recreating sports venues in gingerbread house form.

    I made my own Devils christmas wreath, even though I usually hate them around this time of year.

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  3. I’m waiting on my Cowboys ornaments from the NFL shop…to make my Cowboys wreath for my front door. True story. I bought blue bulb ornaments, silver star ornaments and silver ribbon. It’s going to be GREAT.

    My doormat is Cowboys, so I figured it was befitting. And I’m a dork.

  4. I have Colts plastic candy cane ornaments that I bought randomly in March last year. I’ve been waiting all year to put up my tree so I can use them.

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  6. I have the requisite Bengals and Reds (1990 WS Champs!) bulb ornaments. But the best is the ornament of my first FB boyfriend, Dan Marino. :)

    Crazy–that is an awesome wreath idea! Shame Bengals colors only work for Halloween.

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