Your Thanksgiving Day Viewing Schedule

You know what the best part of Thanksgiving? It’s not the family or the food or any of that. It’s the sports you’ll be watching to get away from your family. Okay, and maybe the food. So I thought, when you’re half paying attention to your job or any news as it is today, that I would give you a highlight on some of the games that are coming tomorrow. You can be with your family during all the Black Friday stuff.

I find Dwight Howard to be totes adorable. Hell be adding to your sports viewing tomorrow.

I find Dwight Howard to be totes adorable. He'll be adding to your sports viewing tomorrow.

NFL-Well, we got three games: Tennessee at Detroit (12:30 PM, CBS), Seattle at Dallas (4:15 PM, FOX), and Arizona and Philadelphia (8:15 PM, NFLN). Considering the only one you can get yourself somewhat kinda worked up to see is Arizona-Philly and that’s going to be on the NFL network, the football games on tomorrow are looking kinda sucky. But, it’s football. How about we just be thankful that we’re not Lions fans?

NBA-Look, I’m gonna be honest here-I have no idea who is good in the NBA this year. At least not yet. My NBA viewing usually comes in after March Madness. Thankfully there are only two games, both on TNT: Orlando at Washington (8:00 PM), and New Orleans at Denver (10:30 PM). Mmm, Chris Paul. And Dwight Howard.

NHL-Again, only two games. Both are going to be in Canada: Toronto at Ottawa (7:30 PM, RDS, SNET-O, SNET-E) and Calgary at Vancouver (10:00 PM, SNET-W, SNET-P) For the hockey heads among us, is it normal that only Canadian teams are playing on Thanksgiving? Do the NHL think that hockey fans in the US wouldn’t want to watch some games?

NCAA Football-We only have one game. Booo. It’s Texas A&M at Texas (8:00 PM, ESPN). We’ll just have to settle for Texas trying stay in the number two spot in the BCS.

NCAA Basketball-I’m in full college basketball mode right now. Have no idea why. Either way, this is where the action is at. We have a good amount of games on Thursday. A few that stand out are: Wichita State “at” Georgetown (2:00 PM, ESPN2), Maryland “at” Michigan State (7:00 PM, ESPN2), Oklahoma State “at” Gonzaga (9:00 PM, ESPN2), Arizona State “at” Charlotte (9:00 PM ESPNU). The “at” is because they’re all at tournaments and it’s a neutral court setting.

So here are a slate of various games for you. Anything I didn’t mention that you’re going to be watching tomorrow?

4 thoughts on “Your Thanksgiving Day Viewing Schedule

  1. Orlando at Washington…meh. The Wizards are terrible right now. New Orleans at Denver might be a good game – Chris Paul v. Chauncey Billups! Melo! – but, it might not be very competitive for very long.

  2. I’m more interested in seeing the men then the game. But honestly I’ll probably just be checking up on the scores and watching the A&M-UT game.

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