The Injury Report

There is nothing worse for an athlete, a team, or a sports fan than injuries. They can cripple the player, ruin the team’s season, and crush a fan’s fantasy team dreams. Sometimes the team can come back from the loss of a key player and still put together a great season. A back-up can finally move off the bench and into the limelight and show the world, “hey, I don’t suck after all!”.  Then again, sometimes it forces your star player to wear ridiculous face-gear during the ACC Tournament. No matter how good the player or team is, injury is the one thing you can never plan for. You’ve just got to hope that they’ll heal quickly or that the team can survive without them. So here is a rundown of some of the players currently riding the pine-pony while nursing a variety of owies. Get well soon boys!

Tom Brady – His season was over before it even started, tearing ligaments in his knee during the Pats opening game against Kansas City. He had surgery to repair the damage followed by several other surgeries to fight an infection in the wound, which drastically set back his recovery. The Pats replaced him in the starting lineup with perennial bench-boy Matt Cassel, who turns out is pretty darned okay. Tom is out for at least this season (most ACL-type injuries take atleast 6 months to heal and rehab) and the Patriots are praying that the infection doesn’t keep him out longer.

I might as well lay on this football, cuz Im not going to be throwing one any time soon...

"I might as well lay on this football, cuz I'm not going to be throwing one any time soon..."

Here’s a video of Dreamboat taking the hit.

Tyler Zeller – Ugh, this one is just heartbreaking (for me that is). In only his second (well third if you count exhibition games) appearance for the Tar Heels, freshman Tyler Zeller sustained multiple wrist fractures after he was fouled on his way up for a dunk against Kentucky on November 17th. It is most likely a season-ending injury. I hate this for the kid. So early in his college career and now he has to sit out and watch. It’s especially painful because the boy is going to be GOOD, you could just see it! He just needed a few more games to get into the groove. And now, those “few more games” are going to come next season, AFTER I have graduated. Ugh.

Curse you Billy Gillespie! I blame you for this!

Cristiano Ronaldo – Poor baby C-Ron just can’t seem to get his legs right this season. He had surgery this past summer on his ankle and has only recently regained his usual form. Now, after a scrappy match at Aston Villa on Saturday, he’s on the injured list again after limping off the field in the 82nd minute. Sir Alex Ferguson said he is doubtful for Man United’s Champions League match on Tuesday against Villareal as his “leg’s in a mess”. (The Sun)

He may be in pain, but his thighs look delicious!

Reggie Bush – Injured his left knee returning a punt in Saints loss to Carolina Panthers in mid-October. Recently underwent arthroscopic surgery to look at potential damage to his meniscus. Still out. Kim Kardashian is anxiously awaiting his return to form (see second pic).

Oh how I hope his injury isn’t affecting the state of his abdominal muscles…

Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili – The injury bug has hit the Spurs hard this season with both Tony Paker and Manu Ginobili out with injuries. Parker hurt his ankle November 7th and is currently rehabbing, although he is doing some shooting/practicing with the team. Ginobili had surgery in September for an ankle injury he received in the off-season (at the Olympics I believe), he hopes to be back in the lineup soon.

Yeah were both injured… Go Spurs!!

Rostislav Klesla – So in the spirit of comity I decided to look for NHL injuries. Well actually, I decided to look for injured NHL hotties. I don’t know if you knew this, but hockey is rough sport and there are LOTS of injured players.  This is Rostislav Klesla. He’s 26 and was born in Novy Jicin, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). He is on the injured reserve for the Columbus Blue Jackets, and will be out until mid-December with an ankle injury.  He is apparently wearing a boot and using crutches. Oh yeah, and he’s really cute!

Rafael Nadal – One of the Ladies… favorite boys had to withdraw from the Davis Cup finals against Argentina due to a knee injury, which is believed to be reoccuring tendonitis. Even without one of the best players in the world, Spain went on to win the David Cup title. As to what has caused his precious body to decline, Rafa has been very critial of the European Tour schedule, packing in tournament after tournament with very little rest in between. Also Rafa’s style of play is very physical and therefore not easy on his beautiful body. He has suffered from foot, hamstring and knee injuries over the past year and a half.  Get lot’s of rest boy! And if you need someone to take care of you… I’m sure I could find a few volunteers!

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  2. Rostislav Klesla is a nobody. How about Brodeur?

    I watched that ManU Aston Villa game on Sat, and although I adore him, I gotta admit that C-Ron is a bit of a wuss.

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