Thanksgiving Bowling and Charity


I go bowling with my family the day after Thanksgiving, but I didn’t realize what a wide-spread traidition it is. Apparently, turkey and bowling just go together. (Except for this poor turkey, who you’ll see with the bowling ball that killed it after the break.) So, I thought that in preparation for the big day later this week, I’d provide you some unique bowling shots and some stories about the Turkey Bowls and charitable giving going on. You know, to get you in the spirit of things a bit early.

Clip Art Graphic of a Bowling Ball Cartoon Character

This first trick bowling shot is called the Turkey Strike, so we’ll lead with that one.

A “turkey” is bowling lingo for three strikes in a row. The term dates back to before the turn of the 20th century. During Thanksgiving or Christmas week, the proprietor would present a live turkey to the first person on each team who scored three consecutive strikes. The term has carried over ever since.

And after that, we have some classics.

The Spare Conversion with Spinning Ball

The Flying Eagle

The Over the Chair Bowling Strike

The Bowling Towel Trick Shot

And the Pool Ball Bowling Shot (oh, yeah … we play pool on Thanksgiving in my family too)

And I just saw that the silliness continues, as Frozen Turkey Bowling is back!

Most importantly, let’s not forget the importance of charity during this season. Of notable interest, the Chicago Bears are really stepping up to the plate this year (no pun intended), and a place called Bully’s Bar is offering free dinners and turkey bowling, with prizes including cases of beer and bottles of tequila (you gotta stay warm in Nevada). My kind of charity!

So what do you do on Thanksgiving (besides watch football)? What are your important traditions? Whatever it is, I hope you and yours enjoy a day filled with family, friends, good food, and fun. And give back, if you can.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Bowling and Charity

  1. Thanksgiving means the “turkey bowl” for a lot of high school football teams against their rivals. For instance: Dumont will fuck up Tenafly in this year’s turkey bowl.

    Also, every time I watch that stupid Macy’s parade I wish I hadn’t.

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