The Future Mr. Lady Andrea is a Sweetheart. Again.

I love Tony Romo.  Last year in the Ladies… Fantasy Football league we drafted our starting quarterbacks on the basis of hotness and I drafted Romo.  I find him charming and adorable and sexy.  The night of the season opener, he stopped on his way home to help change the tire of a couple by the side of the road.  And now yesterday he paid for a Dallas homeless man to get into a movie and then invited him to sit with Romo and his friend. LOVE.  HIM.  If only he would get rid of that no-talent dumbass who follows him around in her pink jersey and stilettos.




Look at that butt!


11 thoughts on “The Future Mr. Lady Andrea is a Sweetheart. Again.

  1. I sent the story about Romo taking the homeless guy to a movie and said something about how “I should follow Romo’s example.” But Mom had a good point – if *I* invited a homeless gentleman to watch a movie with me, he might get the wrong idea, so perhaps I should pick a different awesome thing to do if I want to be like Romo.

    But in a word…AWWWWWWWWWWWW!

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  3. I’m really coming around on him. I was pissed when I had to draft him in my other league but he is so hot in that “guy next door who rescues puppies” type of hot. And I second the ditching of pink jersey.

  4. Andrea, you know I love you, but Im not with you on this one! I dont know what it is, but he doesn’t do it for me.

    What movie were they seeing, High School Musical 3? It was pretty good afterall.

  5. Maybe I’m a smart aleck, but if I’m homeless, I would prefer going to a shelter or getting a meal compared to sitting in a movie theater for a couple hours.

  6. Even as an Eagles fan, I heart Tony Romo so very much. Even with the taint of the talentless blond bimbo and her slimy father who’s just WAITING to sell a reality series about their (God, no) wedding clinging to him. Those dimples just kill me.

  7. sportslady – I’m in the opposite boat. I absolutely hate the Cowboys, but I both recognize Romo’s considerable skill (though I wonder if certain other QBs would have come back sooner from the pinkie thing) AND think he’s a cutie-patootie. But despite those things, I hate his team.

    Well, except Jason Witten.

  8. Minda – oh trust me, I question the pinkie thing…I’ve questioned it since day one. But hey, it is what it is. Him being out showed us we have major holes. I love having him as my QB, LOVE IT, but I don’t know…just Romo the dude, does nothing for me. I think it’s because I’m a weirdo and don’t like the guys who everyone else does! :)

    Witten saves our ass more than anyone else on the team. He’s a good man.

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