Hit & Run: Bingo Bango

The Allen Iverson-led Pistons shut down the Cavaliers and their 8-game winning streak, 96-89.  Lebron had 25 points, against Iverson’s 23 points.  I am quite fond of Allen Iverson’s chocolate brown eyes, but watching his body in motion is pretty sweet, too.  And yes, I’m quite aware of the irony of my admiring his body in motion, and using a still photo to prove that point, but bear with me.

Yes, you’re the #1 dorky owner currently being
investigated by the SEC.

The Mavericks defeated the Yao Ming-less Rockets, 96-86.  Does anyone outside of Texas even care?

The Mariners hire Don Wakamatsu as manager, and he becomes the first Asian-American manager in the Bigs.  It’s a very interesting story, what with his grandparents’ internment in a Japanese camp during World War 2,  and his living in the internment barracks that they bought and had sent to Hood, Oregon, when he was a little boy.  It’s a pretty awesome day for the Wakamatsus.

Ball State continued their total domination over the MAC, beating the Central Michigan Chippewas by a score of 31-24.  QB Nate Davis threw 4 TD passes, and MiQuale Lewis rushed for 177 yards.  The Cardinals of Ball State are now 11-0.

2 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Bingo Bango

  1. I hate that AI is a Piston. I’ve always loved the way he plays all-out w/no regard to his body.

    Yay Ball State! Please, please go undefeated to further screw w/the BCS!

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