Looks, Talent – These Brothers Have it All


While watching the Minnesota Wild play against the Canadiens recently, the commentator reminded me that the Wild’s Mikko Koivu has a brother Saku who plays for Montreal. Both brothers are captains this year. I already know Mikko is very cute, so I wondered what his brother looks like. Well, here he is. That got me to thinking … how many other brother hotties are there in professional sports that are good looking? You’ll see my top pics after the break.

Okay, now that I’m done feeling like Ryan Seacrest, I’ve attempted to pick the best brothers from football, baseball and soccer as well.

Tiki and Ronde Barber (football)

Tiki Barber, former American football running back for the New York Giants. He is the identical twin brother of Ronde Barber, a cornerback who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Obviously, these guys are hot and just too adorable for words. Here they are with a little puppy!


They’re so sweet, they even co-authored children’s books together. Here’s some other great pics of them.



Okay, I know Ronde is considered a douchebag – did he really punch a referee ? –  and Tiki is “polite”. But otherwise I would have had to default to Peyton and Eli Manning.


(Not good.)

In doing my arduous research for the baseball feature of this post, I seriously considered the following:

Jason and Jeremy Giambi (baseball)


or Jose and Ozzie Canseco (baseball) – But steroids aren’t sexy. 

Then there’s Sandy and Roberto Alomar (baseball) – Okay, but Roberto spit in an ump’s face, and that’s not cool either.

I may have to go all the way back to the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s to find a contender with the three Ferrell brothers of baseball.


Finally, I looked and looked, and this is the hottest “brothers” I could find in soccer: Matt Brothers.


Matt has made three appearances on the Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference All-Conference team while at Worcester State College. He should appeal to all our younger readers. 

Then I got these tips from others:

Stephen and J.D. Drew, courtesy of Lady Andrea.



Eric and Corey Patterson, as suggested by Chitown Chick.



The Sutter brothers (an idea from some guy over at MYFO)

Jeremy and Caleb Campbell, as noted by Gradavid Sizewright in yesterday’s paralympic post here.



I guess what we can take away from this review of “hottie” brothers in professional sports is that, with a few limited exceptions, if two brothers have that level of athletic talent, don’t expect them to be good-looking as well. I’m sure, however, that there are stunning examples I have missed. Please, do share.

14 thoughts on “Looks, Talent – These Brothers Have it All

  1. Reasonably cute soccer brothers, Gordon Kljestan (Chivas) and Gordon Kljestan (Red Bulls). Hottt hockey players, Henrik (Rangers) and Joel Lundquist (Stars). Then there are all the assorted Hossas and Staals (also hockey players), but I don’t think they’re very good-looking at all.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe I nearly forgot Aaron and Bret Boone. They were on the Reds together for awhile. And they are deff. hot.

  3. Ok, I’m biased as a Padres fan (embarrassing at times) but what about Adrian and Edgar Gonzalez??? Or the Pirates’ La Roche brothers, Adam and Andy?? I think Andy gorgeous and Adam….well, he has nice eyes…. Or if you want to mix up the sports theres Matt and Jack Cassel?? Just some suggestions…

  4. I root for the Giants but I don’t really follow football, so I didn’t know that Tiki had a cute brother! And I think Eli’s a cutie- Peyton’s a total butterface though, and not a good way like Michael Phelps.

    I also agree with Karla about the Upton brothers! I find Justin more attractive, but watching BJ hit this postseason was amazing (except when it was against my Red Sox, of course).

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