Hot Paralympians


As Metsy was watching some paralympics stuff this weekend, she found an untapped source of hot men – paralympians. We here at Ladies… would be remiss if we did not share this with the rest of you. Follow me after the break for the photos, courtesy of Metschick.


Oscar Pistorius (aka Blade Runner, the only non-American in the bunch … he’s from South Africa)


Marlon Shirley


Matt Updike


Carlos Leon


Will Groulx


Tucker Dupree


Jeremy Campbell


Steve Serio


Josiah Jamison

And last but not least, Jesse Karmazin – click here for pic and story.

9 thoughts on “Hot Paralympians

  1. Wow, discus from a seated position. That has to be one of the most difficult events–I could barely throw the thing without any disabilities!

    And holy hell Marlon Shirley is smokin’. That stare rivals any pitcher’s stare (pity that track stars don’t rock the eye black).

  2. Oh my god! Tucker Dupree is so hot! Look at his ab definition. The girl that marries him will be so lucky.

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