Your Vote Counts


While we all should get out to vote today, and I’m sure we’ll all be relieved to be done with the television advertisements, polls, signs and flyers, I’m here to remind you that there is another vote that must be cast. The Major League Baseball 2008 This Year In Baseball Awards. Cast your vote here. Follow me after the break to see who I’m rooting for.

Hitter – Justin Morneau – A great hitter, an all-star, and a volunteer for charity. This one’s for Lady Andrea.

Starter – Johan Santana

I'm imagining being on a beach with him!

Imagine being on a beach with him!

Rookie – Evan Longoria – what a year for a rookie!

How cute - celebrating with his parents after being drafted.

How cute - celebrating with his parents after being drafted.

Manager – Joe Maddon – I guess I’m a sucker for distinguished older men. And he knows how to support his team.

Closer – Joe Nathan – Blatent homerism, I know.

Setup – Scot Shields

Defense – Joe Mauer

For those of you who love eye black

For those of you who love eye black

Performance – Carlos Delgado – On June 27, 2008 he had a 9 RBI game against the NY Yankees at their stadium!

Play – Asdrubal Cabrera – On May 12, 2008 he was the 14th player ever to get an unassisted triple play.

Moment – Josh Hamilton – His story came out at the all-star game, and he just makes you like him.

Oddity – Mitch Maier – check out the video at the voting site for this weird play!

Executive – Theo Epstein – that young, that cute…

Postseason Moment – Chase Utley – his fake throw to first in game 5 that allowed him to go home for the out was amazing!

Whatever you do, whoever you like, get out and vote. Your opportunity ends December 5th. I’m Cinnamon Girl, and I approved this message.

4 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts

  1. Soria for closer!! The Mexicutioner cannot be denied.

    And I loooooved that Mitch Maier/Ross Gload/outfield wall play. Very smart, boys.

    I’m Bob Dole, and I approve these players.

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