Hit and Run: Stuff I Didn’t See Edition

A lot of things happened in the world of sports this weekend, but I didn’t see any of it.  Saturday night, I was at a Halloween party, and did not see even a highlight of my Sooners’ thrashing of Nebraska (my friend did look it up on his iPhone for me, though).  And then there was that other Big XII game:

With about six minutes left in the game, one of my friends found out the score via text message, and we kept tabs on the game until Tech finally pulled it out.  When Texas scored to go ahead, I said there was still plenty of time for Tech to win and I was right.  I still think Tech is going to lose to either Oklahoma State or Oklahoma, but the Red Raiders look scarier every week.

On Sunday, I was volunteering at the NYC Marathon and so missed all the pro football.  I didn’t even get to see the marathon, as I was clipping the tracking chips off of the runners shoes and was stationed in the meet-up area well away from the finish line.  It was still fun, though — there are probably no happier people on earth than people who have just finished a marathon.  Anyway, while Paula Radcliffe was winning her third NYC marathon (second in a row), I missed some dramatic developments in the NFL:

The Jets won!  Plus, Darelle Revis (my No. 11 hottie) had an early strip sack and fumble recovery, as well as an interception in the end zone that clinched the game.  I should note that I mistakenly identified him as a rookie in my Hottie post — he’s actually a second year player.  I didn’t even notice him last year, that’s how dramatic his improvement has been.

Rob Bironas missed a field goal! At least he made up for it by hitting the game winner from 44 yards in overtime.  He had 14 fantasy points for me yesterday.  He was my highest scorer.  My team sucks.

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