Hit & Run: And the Phillies Win. Grumble, Grumble.

If you want more pics, find them yourself.

As I write this, Baby Mets’ Phanatic is taunting me.  He’s staring at me with his evil, beady eyes.  He’s sticking out his little red tongue at me.  Stop it, Phanatic, or you’ll go back from whence you came!

So, as everyone knows, in the continuation of Game 5 (started Monday), the Phillies beat the Rays 4-3.  This is where I’d give you some analysis about the game, or the Series, but I saw that VH1 was wrapping up their 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs, and that was enough to lure me away from the WS.  (BTW, Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” was voted #1.)

In the NBA, the Nets beat the Wizards, 95-85; the Knicks (!) beat the Heat (oh), 120-115; the Suns won over the Spurs, 103-98 – and a hell of a lot of other games were played.  Please don’t be mad at me, I can’t get into the NBA till later.  Like April.

In the NHL, the Maple Leafs (NHL’s most valuable franchise – they’re worth $448 million!) defeated the Devils, 6-5; the Stars doubled up on the Wild, 4-2; and the Ducks beat the Red Wings, 5-4.

Well, peeps, I’m about to wrap up Sports Night, Season 2, so I’m going back to that.  Congratulations to the Phillies and their fans.

5 thoughts on “Hit & Run: And the Phillies Win. Grumble, Grumble.

  1. Of course I’m hating. It’s part of the jealousy thing. Soak it in, it’s one of the benefits of winning.

    And I’m sure if the Mets had won the WS (Dear Lord, when?!), you’d be happy as pie, huh?

    And yes, the Phillies love left with Bacon Pants. Mainly because the the Ladies… who were also Phillies fans left.

    Again, congrats.

  2. I’m happy the Phillies won. I’d be hating on the Rays. But then again, I’m a Jays fan, so the jealousy thing is in full play. And we beat the crap out of the Phillies during interleague, for whatever that’s worth.

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