The Ladies… Fantasy League

So like every other person in the world we here at Ladies have our own fantasy football league. The thing is, I’m typically a lazy person and just didn’t tell all of you about it. I did, don’t get me wrong. But being lazy is so much easier than writing a post about a league where the commissioner started out sucking and is just now getting on track and is within looking distance of the leaders.


So I think this is the perfect week to get everyone updated on the status of the league and some of our, um, interesting team names. And a little surprise on who else is in the league.

Okay, it’s not like we have Ryan Lochte in our league, although I’m sure every lady would love to play with him. (Of course pun intended.) But we wanted to have a 12 person league and with only 10 ladies we needed to add a few. So we asked two very kickass commenters of our blog, Pam and Thistlewarrior, to join us and they accepted. Prizes are standard among us (banner of the hotties we want) and if one of our commenters win they get to write a post of whatever they want.

Now, on to the names and the standing.

Teams (and Names) Win-Loss-Tie Points
Pam’s People (Pam) 7-1-0 573
Fightin’ Neckbeards (Chitown Chick) 6-2-0 683
Karma’s Bitch (Thistlewarrior) 6-2-0 657
Bags of Urine (Miss Minda) 5-3-0 685
4th and Never (SA) 5-3-0 576
IrishHawkeyeSongGirl (Lady Andrea) 4-4-0 639
Icanhasbasketball? (Mistress Christina) 4-4-0 565
The Sparkledammerung (La M. Alana) 3-5-0 592
Proverbial Chickens (Games Mistress) 3-5-0 586
Cinnamon Girl (Cinnamon Girl) 2-6-0 501
Team Dame (Dame of Extra Time) 2-6-0 475
d/n fuck w/ (de)jesus (Metschick) 1-7-0 490

Pam, who we love, has never played fantasy football before this year and she’s dominating this season. Mistress Christina, who also has never played ff before, started out strong the first few weeks of the season but has come back to the pack a little bit. And even though she has left us for a bit Dame of ET, isn’t in last place. Although Metschick shouldn’t fret too much. I have no wins in one of my leagues. I’m convinced the Detriot Lions will get a win before me.

So that’s the state of the league right now. If this continues you’ll be getting a full post of hockey and Rutgers and probably more hockey. I’ll get out updates at the end of the season and during the playoffs so everyone can know who wins. You know, unless I get lazy. And because this post has been devoid of hot NFLers to this point…

7 thoughts on “The Ladies… Fantasy League

  1. In my defense, my team has been plagued with injury. And the stupid machine drafted me Matt fucking Hasselbeck, whom I promptly got rid of. Also, I have alot of troublemakers on my team who keep getting freaking suspended for games at a time! (I’m talking to you, Larry Johnson) That, and I still have no idea what that W/R position is…

  2. Yeah, well the San Diego defense is killing me. The only week they did well (against the Pats) I benched them. If the Saints hadn’t purposely given them a safety, I think Metschick would have beat me last week.

    And Christina, you aren’t alone with the misbehaving. I had Matt Jones (cokehead) and Santonio Holmes (pot).

  3. I have both Tom Brady AND Ocho Cinco on my team. *headdesk*headdesk*

    Although, I have the leading fantasy QB as my backup. You go, Marmalard! And Maurice Jones-Drew and Hines Ward have been mostly good. Everyone else on my team kind of sucks. Sigh.

  4. I don’t know how my scrappy underdogs constantly keep winning. Having Peyton Manning and Jason Campbell is a delight. And I heart Matt Forte.

  5. I am ready to kill Plax. Why can’t he stay out of trouble?! And of course the year I finally draft LdT, he has a down year. Oh, well, at least I have Brees! :)

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