Shonn Greene for Heisman!

Go Hawks!

The Iowa Hawkeye football season is not off to a great start.  We lost to Pittsburgh, Michigan State and Northwestern (NORTHWESTERN, for pete’s sake!).  However, our star running back Shonn Greene has been RACKING up the amazing statistics.  This season of college football has been lacking a group of stand-out contenders for Heisman, so I’d like to offer up Shonn Greene for consideration.

There are 4 running backs who have over 1000 yards already:  Oklahoma State’s Kendall Hunter at 1116, Iowa’s Shonn Greene at 1154, UConn’s Donald Brown at 1324, and Michigan State’s Javon Ringer at 1373.  Now interestingly, Hunter, Greene and Brown have done that in 8 games.  Ringer has had 9 games because MSU hasn’t had their bye week yet.

No, YOU'RE #1!

Donald Brown has had 235 carries to get to his 1300+ yards.  Hunter and Greene only have 169 and 177 carries, respectively.  Greene averages 144.2 yards a game and 6.5 yards per carry.  In his last game, he rushed for 217 yards and 4 touchdowns, and the least amount of yards he’s rushed for in a single game is 109.

I can't wait to see what he does against Illinois.

I’m not saying he’s a clear-cut winner or anything and there are still 4 games left, but I think Shonn Greene should definitely be in the conversation.  (Sorry I don’t have better pictures because he’s a cute guy, but they don’t have a lot of beefcakey shots of some unknown-before-this-season running back from Iowa.)

I’ll return next week with your regularly scheduled ALR Smorgasbord!

3 thoughts on “Shonn Greene for Heisman!

  1. Donald Brown hasn’t even been in the Heisman conversation and should be as well. Plus he has 14 touchdowns. Ringer also 300 carries to get his yards.

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