Post #1,000: The Ultimate Hottie

As luck would have it, I get to be the person who puts together our 1,000 post — even though, as the newest Lady, I’ve probably accounted for the smallest share of those 1,000. I feel like I should be giving a little speech, but you don’t really want to hear (or read) a speech, do you? You want to see our overall number one hottie.

When we started this countdown, each Lady was pretty much given free reign to pick whoever she wanted for her individual list, as I’m sure you noticed. The one rule we agreed on was that the overall number one hottie would be someone who wasn’t on any of the individual lists. If we hadn’t had that rule, you would have seen this particular gentleman’s picture at least four times in the past two weeks. He is well-loved in this corner of the Internet.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, presenting the Ladies Ultimate Hottie ….

Ryan Lochte

Why do we love Ryan Lochte?  Well…

Cinnamon Girl: When all the Ladies… suggested Ryan Lochte as our overall #1 pick, I thought to myself – ‘okay, fine, I can get on board with that. I’m not a huge fan of the wild hair, but whatever.’ Then I spent some time looking for photos, and I can now say I’m 100% thrilled that he is our choice.  I found myself spending very little time looking at his hair. :)  As for the rest of him, WOW.

Lady Andrea: Ryan Lochte:  gorgeous smile, ree-hee-hee-diculous body.  He can swim in my pool anytime he wants.

Dame of Extra Time: Ryan has the body of a sex god and rocks the white boy ‘fro like no other. I still owe Chitown Chick thousands of hugs, kisses and fist pumps for introducing me to this beautiful man.

Metschick: Don’t really think I have to explain why this guy was chosen: Look at him!  I rest my case.

Mistress Christina: Ryan Lochte was originally slated to be the number 3 favorite hottie on my personal list, but when the Ladies… suggested that we pick him as our overall number one, I was more than happy to find a replacement so he could take the top prize. (Note: this is why JJ Redick and Tyler Hansbrough wound up on the same hotties list. I’m really not sure why the internet didn’t explode…) He captivated the world this summer winning 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals at the Beijing Olympics. He was Michael Phelps comedic foil, waxing poetic about his love for drawing, and fashion, and Lil Wayne. He’s a gorgeous Gator, with blue (or green, one cannot tell) eyes and a swimmer’s body that just wont quit. Here’s hoping he’s ready to race again in 4 years, because I can’t really imagine the Olympics without him and his awesome sound bites.

SA: Ryan Lochte makes me wish I could swim. Maybe he can give me some private midnight lessons…

Minda: There’s got to be a reason the Ryan Lochte Hump Day Hottie has been one of the site’s top posts nonstop, even though the Olympics are a long-ago memory. I’d better go investigate that reaso– oh, my. I’ve just looked at pictures again. I totally understand now.

La M. Alana: I’d hit it like the almighty hammer of Thor.

Games Mistress: [GM had something to say, but she looked at the above picture and now keeps babbling incoherently to herself.]

Chitown Chick: I feel sort of responsible for the Ladies … obsession with Ryan Lochte, and I am quite proud of that. I saw him at the Olympic Trials and had to share the hotness with my sisters in sportslove. He is so pretty. And so nice. And … I can’t really add anything that hasn’t been said. Ryan Lochte FO-EVA!

[rockyou id=125345378&w=383&h=287]

21 thoughts on “Post #1,000: The Ultimate Hottie

  1. Totally agree. I think Ryan Lochte looks a lot like Broadway actor Jonathan Groff, who I also adore, so when I first saw him in the Olympics, I was thought he was cute. Then he started talking about his love of Lil Wayne and I became smitten (I have a thing for really goofy guys…) And the slideshow thing is super cool, as well as the pictures in it….

  2. <3 him sfm. I want to meet him again so I can give him a hug and never, ever let go. I still cant remember most of those 4 minutes because I was too busy dying on the inside of the epic win that it was. Sigh.

    Ladies you should all go over to:

    for everything Ryan Lochte<3 (we lock most posts so make sure you have an LJ account and join the community)

  3. FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS!!! I was a fan of Lotche just as “Phelps-Mania” began, when everyone liked Phelps and his twisted smile. I <3 Lotche, and I <3 this blog! Happy 1,000th!!!

  4. I just checked his wikipedia page and I am a little disappointed this honor isn’t on there yet.

    /typed by someone who does not have an account with them

  5. love it, girls. Love him too – I have a picture of him in my orchestra folder, mainly because I keep forgetting to take it out – but it’s there.

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