1000th Post Countdown: Personal Number ONE!

It's a pinata, because it's a celebration of hotness. Go ahead, take a whack (or something less suggestive!)

Here they are. Each Ladies… number 1 personal pick. Tomorrow will be our group overall, but these gentlemen are tops in each of our individual books. They are beautiful. They are sentimental. They are MEN. And we love them. We hope you do too!

Cinnamon Girl
Joe Mauer
He’s a hometown hero. He’s amazing looking. He’s a two-time batting champ. ‘Nuff said. Gear up, Joe.
Lady Andrea
Scott Rolen
Bonus catcher hottie Mike Matheny!

Bonus catcher hottie Mike Matheny!

Mmmmm, baby blues.

Mmmmm, baby blues.

Was there ever any doubt who my #1 would be?  He’s not a Blue Jay, lalalalalaican’thearyou!  He became a Cardinal right around the time I really got serious about my fandome.  I’d always been a fan and certainly paid more attention than most people, but the summer of 2002 was the first time I really started fanatically following day-to-day games.  I was beyond ecstatic when we traded for Rolen and then I discovered how H-O-T he was.  I love his stance, I love his grim, downturned mouth, I love his defensive plays at 3rd base.  I want to marry him.
Chitown Chick
Roger Huerta
UFC fighter. HOT DAMN. Few fighters can make me speechless. If he appears on the screen for a second, I start babbling. I don’t know what else to say but, HOT DAMN.
Miss Minda
David DeJesus
David DeJesus is my number one. For years, my family has been plotting a way for me to marry him. He’s an above-average outfielder who is locked in with the Royals for another couple seasons, and has been a total sweetie to me the few times I’ve talked to him in person. Oh, and uh…. Look at him!!!
Carlos Beltran

OKay, so its just his butt, but whatever...

OKay, so it's just his butt, but whatever...

Those dimples.  Those chocolate brown eyes.  That defense!  Carlos Beltran is my #1.
La M. Alana
Steve Nash
My number one is Steve Nash. I tried to think of reasons to not put him in my first spot, and I just couldn’t do it and stay honest. I don’t care that he’s Canadian, that he looks like he needs to eat a cheeseburger, that you can see every painful season in his face, that he’s yet to find a flattering haircut. I don’t care. I love him. I love his play – I love his needle-threading passes and his leaning jumpers and the way his eyes dart back and forth across the court. I love that he co-owns his own independent film studio, and co-owns the Women’s Professional Soccer league. I love Nash Face. I love his scratchy voice and sense of humor and that I’ve yet to see him give up, ever, at anything. I kind of want him to adopt me and teach me to be awesome, too. Or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to move in with him. Perhaps I’ve said too much.
Curtis Granderson
I’m convinced that Curtis Granderson is the perfect man-smart, genuinely nice, non-egocentric athlete that truly loves the game. So much so that he travels overseas during the off season promoting it. He started his own foundation to help kids in the Detroit area and consistently donates his time and money to charities. And he does TV work when the Tigers aren’t in the playoffs (did you see him during the first round on TBS? He was teh awesomes.) And did I mention that he’s hot? His like the man you (and your mom) (and your dad) always wanted to marry wrapped up in this absolutely perfect package.

How much do I love him? I would have his kids. And I don’t want kids.

Games Mistress
Chris Paul
Chris Paul made me pay attention to the NBA again. He’s got a gorgeous smile.  And the fact that he’s so involved in the community makes him exponentially hotter.
Mistress Christina
Tyler Hansbrough
My number 1: Tyler Hansbrough. I think he is so freaking cute, even if not everyone agrees with me. Yes, he may make faces when playing that one might make whilest sitting on the toilet, but doesn’t that just add to his charm?? He is also associated with some of my favorite memories of the last 3 years, which is why he took my number 1 spot. My first Carolina-Duke game at the Dean Dome and that whole “forearm incident” cemented my status as a Tar Heel basketball fan for life. The ACC Tournament. The Sweet 16. The devastation after the Final Four loss to Kansas. Throughout it all, his big blue eyes gaping back at me out of the tv screen made it all worth it. I squealed with glee when he decided to return to school for his senior season and it is still, to this day, a thrill to see him walking around campus in all his gorgeous giantness. One time, he almost hit me with a door at Chipotle. It was magical :)
And, as an added bonus, one of our esteemed Ladies… has returned from sabbatical just for this post to share with you all her favorite athlete hottie. So without further ado, here is the Dame of Extra Time’s personal Number 1:
Dame of Extra Time
Thierry Henry
Firstly: 1000 posts! WHOOOOO!!! You know your girl had to come out of hiatus for such a momentous occasion in Ladies… history, right?
Four reasons why Thierry is and will always be my number one:
1) He’s still one of the best Gunners of all time. I’m an Arsenal girl so do forgive me if I find it impossible to count that part out of the equation. He could get that stupid Barca badge tattooed on his chest for all I care. And I did try the hating him thing for a while after he left but I just kept coming back to the same thing: hubada-hubada-drool. He is actually perfect… if you ignore some stuff.
2) He dresses beautifully. It’s nice when a man knows how to put together a classy outfit.
3) The man has some of the prettiest goals of all time to his credit. (And since we’re doing #1’s — my all time personal Titi fave: here.
4) The accent. Does a man get points for talking pretty?

20 thoughts on “1000th Post Countdown: Personal Number ONE!

  1. What a list…phewwww! I can’t imagine there being anyone left for the ‘ultimate #1’ The only man not mentioned yet is Tony La Russa and I will be a little disappointed if he’s top of the list. Thanks ladies…!!!

  2. I find Steve Nash quite hard on the eyes. I think he’s got a wonky eye, stringy hair, and a freckly complexion. After years of watching him, last season I did notice a haircut that didn’t make him as repulsive. I don’t remember exactly what it looked like.

  3. Tyler Hansbrough is a number one!! Have you been reading my journal??? Sadly, I have never even heard of some of these guys. Must be my aversion to baseball.

    PS: I agree about Henry. Another footballer that got me watching a team other than Chelsea.

  4. Ok- I showed up here today just to make absolutely sure that SOMEBODY was going to include Curtis Granderson on their list. I was starting to panic. And, SA- I’m with you on the “he could change my mind about procreation” tip.

    But I also got the added bonus of Nash! I’ve always liked him, for his non-traditional good looks, certainly, but he also just seems fun and real and semi-normal. I might not have his kids, but I’d definitely drink a beer with him.

  5. Hi Girls: Newbie here, I love the site and I love this thread!

    There’s something to be said for non-traditional good looks. I think it’s just adds to the mystery and sexiness, who knows? ;-) Thus, I nominate Anthony Gonzalez of the Indianapolis Colts and also a former Ohio State Buckeye (my alma mater.) Beautiful eyes, fantastic body (and he’s extremely intelligent…I’ve always had thing for smart guys.) Just a sweetheart as well. If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll post some pics!

    PS – Also love Mark Sanchez, the QB at USC. (I like Latin/Hispanic men!)

  6. I’ve always liked Steve Nash too. And this is the first time I’ve seen Curtis Granderson — he’s gorgeous!

    Also someone to check out: Martin Rucker, rookie with the Cleveland Browns, used to play at Missouri. 6’4″, 250# of hot chocolate ;-), green eyes and a smile to DIE for.

  7. Excellent work ladies and congrats on 1000 posts!!

    Minda, I will help in the plot to get you married to DeJesus – someone I know should marry him!!

  8. Congrats on 1K. Can’t really argue with these picks, though I would have taken good odds that someone would take the Dreamboat with the No.1 pick. You Ladies…, so temperamental–poor guy gets hurt, ruins fantasy teams everywhere, and down he goes in the rankings.

  9. @ Heather: He is pure awesome! Late Night with Roy was last Friday and I got to see him and the whole team in all their preseason glory. CANNOT WAIT till bball season officially starts!!

  10. I know, right?!? I’m so excited about this season. Plus, those ridiculous skits with Bobby posing as Roy almost had me rolling on the floor!

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