1000th Post Countdown: Numero Trois

Welcome to door number three. I promise youll be happy you opened it.

Welcome to door number three. I promise you'll be happy you opened it.

Wow, so many days of hotties! The best part about all this, other than sharing my fave men with the world, is getting to see what my fellow Ladies… are into. I must admit, I’ve been introduced to quite a few cuties I didn’t know before! So here are the Ladies… picks for their number 3 perfect 10. Please enjoy!

Games Mistress: Adrian Peterson – Before he was Purple Jesus, he was a Sooner.  And that makes him mine.  Mine, I tell you!

SA: Thierry Henry – Thierry Henry’s hotness knows no bounds. Forget about Diego, if I can only marry one soccer hottie it is Henry. Call me Thierry!

Gotta love a man in a suit

Gotta love a man in a suit

Cinnamon Girl: Jose Theodore – I like him clean-shaven (first pic above) and I like him a little scruffy (second photo). I’d love to just have him stare at me with those eyes!

Two for one hotness. I’m a fan of the first pic myself.

Lady Andrea: Rick Ankiel – Not only is he a great comeback story, but he is a stone cold fox and a helluva center fielder.  Earlier this season he gunned down TWO runners at 3rd base from the WARNING TRACK.  H-O-T.

Metschick: Alex Rios – Mr. #3 is Alex Rios.  He of the gorgeous green eyes. Behold the pretty.

Too bad you can't see the green eyes from this angle...

Mistress Christina: Rafael Nadal – There was a time, between SA and I, we were seriously considering taking over Ladies… and turning it into a Rafa Fangirl site (that, or starting our own). There is something so adorably wholesome and asstastic about this man. I am glad he’s also burning up the tennis courts, not just my computer desktop.

Oooh I see a dimple! Could he be cuter??

Miss Minda: Jacoby Ellsbury – Many words have been written on this site about the physical perfection that is Jacoby Ellsbury. Every word about his beauty has been well-deserved, and I have no more to add besides “Yes please!”

Nom nom nom....

La M. Alana: Allen Iverson – My number three is Allen Iverson. I don’t know if I even can list all the things I love about him. He’s my hero, basically. He’s gorgeous (at least I think so). He’s little and mean and accomplished, and I identify with him a lot more than I probably should. I feel like he could be anything, could do anything, and I love that about him. I want to be Allen Iverson if I grow up, essentially. That I’m pretty sure he’d be amazing in the sack is just a bonus.

I love shirtless pics. Thanks, Allen.

I love shirtless pics. Thanks, Allen.

Chitown Chick: Michael Barrett – No, he’s not a Cub anymore, but my love for him is eternal. Not only because he punched AJ Pierzynski, but also because of the beautiful eyes and boo-tay. God, I love catchers.

12 thoughts on “1000th Post Countdown: Numero Trois

  1. Rick Ankiel, as I said earlier, he gets better looking as the years go by. Speaking of catchers in red, Yadi has the best smile.
    Thank you CG, hockey…mmm

  2. A.J. > Barrett.

    That whole thing was patently retarded on Barrett’s part. Barrett is a festering turd in my soup bowl and shipping his sorry ass out to San Diego to toil away in anonymity is the best thing Lou has done for this team.

  3. Oh, Jacoby. If pretty won ballgames, the Rays would be golfing right now.


    Anyway, go Phils!

    P.S.: Has anyone picked Chutley yet? Surely the guy they call “Model” around the clubhouse has a place in someone’s Top 10.

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