1000th Post Countdown: Numbah Two

Second place is the first to lose, except in this case. With the second most-hot hotties, chosen by the Ladies, we all win.

Games Mistress: Grady Sizemore

In my head, I carry around the knowledge that Grady Sizemore is hot as if it is any other piece of trivia. And yet, every time I see a picture of him, I’m once again blown away by just how gorgeous he is.  Conclusion: he’s so hot, my brain chooses to repress the memory, lest I quit my job, move to Cleveland, and wind up with my unflattering mug shot on Deadspin after I get arrested on stalking charges. Thanks, brain!

Lady Andrea: Yadier Molina

I know he isn’t every girl’s dreamboat.  But he plays the hardest position in baseball (maybe in all of sports) and he’s amazing.  Watching him gun down a runner at 2nd base is one of my favorite things in baseball.  I was also delighted to see him hit over .300 this year.  He’s the total package and an adorable cutie-pie.

Miss Minda: Conor Jackson

Yummy! Clearly I’m a “jaw woman.” Look at that thing. It could cut diamonds. And he usually has it covered in glorious scruff. Beauty like that can’t be human. (Editor’s note – that’s not his helmet flying off his head in anger. That’s Miss Minda stalking him while wearing an invisibility cloak, but still wearing a helmet for safety.)

Cinnamon Girl: Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson. Plain and simple, his talent and the fact that he’s risen above adversity to make it where he is now make him hugely attractive. And so does this …

Oh my!

SA: Rafael Nadal

Smoking hot European tennis player who will finish the year at #1 and has an ass that just won’t quit. What’s not to love?

Metschick: Brandon Vera

My #2 is the delicious Brandon Vera, another UFC fighter.  I know next to nothing about him, other than he’s Filipino (like the BF) and hot.  Seems to me that I don’t need to know much more than that.

Mistress Christina: Cristiano Ronaldo

He’s been one of my fave hotties to follow for nearly a year now. From his summer exploits all the way to
his trashy ex-girlfriend. The reason is that he is so damn pretty. I love me some foreign men. The Portuguese winger has the thighs of a god and his abs were most likely chiseled out of marble. He’s also
really, really good at (non-American) football. He’s been tapped to win the Ballon D’Or (Golden Ball) player of the year award for his ridiculous 43 goal season last year. He is delicious. It was really a toss-up between him and my number 1 pick. In order to choose, I had to search through many, many, yummy pictures. I have a hard life. :)

Chitown Chick: Adewale Ogunleye

He’s hot. He’s a Bear. He’s funny. He’s a prince. No, seriously. He’s a Nigerian prince. I’m waiting for him to leave actress Sanaa Lathan (the chick from Love and Basketball) for me. I’m local, Wale!

La. M. Alana: Al Horford

My 2 pick is Al Horford. He’s the most gorgeous player in my favorite league, and the best player from my favorite team ever. I’m truly hard-pressed to think of a more attractive male at all, athlete or no. He’s got the total package – skills, attitude, ridiculously beautiful face, deltoids, forearms, general massiveness. He makes Hawks games…uh…not-regrettable. Look him up, if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

18 thoughts on “1000th Post Countdown: Numbah Two

  1. Like Games, I forget about Sizemore’s hotness. I’m a National League gal, and I just don’t see him that often. But every now and then, I’ll flip on a White Sox-Cleveland game, and fall out of my chair from his overwhelming gorgeousness.

  2. I like how the closer you get to the #1’s, the larger the pics get…or maybe it’s just the increased hotness that make them seem bigger…hmmm Good choices either way!

  3. I love seeing all the UFC love. There are so many smokin’ hot guys there now (it’s really improved since the early days-Severn=not hot). My absolute fave though is Rich Franklin: he’s hot, local, and really sweet.

  4. Whoa, I just noticed Adrian’s arms. Great pic CG.
    And I like that pic of Grady, amazing smile.
    Number 1 is going to be a good one, wonder if I can handle all the hotness.

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