1000th Post Countdown…Number Five, Number Five

If our favorite athletes were made up of a scent what would it be? I once told someone (and she agreed) that one of my absolute favs (who’ll come later on this list) probably smells like roses and lilacs. I would like to think that they would smell as good as Chanel No. 5, only 10x better. Oh, and the fragrance would be for women, obviously. Yep. Because who likes musky scents for men? Nobody. So yeah, hot athletes smell like all the greatest perfumes out there. And none of that sweaty mess after they actually play their sport.

I can dream right? And I’m all over the place. But whatevs. Our fifth hottest men are after the jump.

Cinnamon Girl

Bryan Clay-He is 5’11”, 185 lbs. of pure Olympic gold – in the decathalon in Beijing this summer! He used sports to turn his life around, so he’s inspirational as well. And he’s really easy on the eyes…

Games Mistress

Kelenna Azubuike – Kelenna and I grew up in the same hometown, where I got so sick of hearing about him while he was laying waste to the competition in high school that my eyes glazed over every time I heard his name during his college career. Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore.

Chitown Chick

Jason Taylor. Yes, he seems kind of boring, but we don’t have to talk. When that man pours water over his head to cool off, I need to be cooled off. Seriously. Jason Taylor – come visit Chicago!

Mistress Christina

Dale Earnhardt Jr. This Southern, 6ft1in, ginger dream is by far my fave NASCAR driver and one of the hottest guys in sports. I LOVE red heads! The perma-bachelor is, thankfully, still unattached. If he ever does settle down, that woman will be a new target for myjealous, fangirl wrath… He has some of the worst luck in all of the Sprint Cup, it seems like almost every race in the Chase has been marred by and accident or blown tire. If he could just get fate on his side, he might win one of those championships everyone keeps bugging him about.

Lady Andrea

Brady Quinn-He’s a total beefcake and also not an asshole.  I don’t care if he never takes another snap in the NFL.  He was my Notre Dame QB for two years and he’s dreamy.

Miss Minda

My #5 is Nick Markakis…my chief reason for ever paying attention to the Orioles, ever. He’s a Greek god (really, he’s 50% Greek. How hot is that?) whose chiseled jaw and smoldering eyes make me start wondering how my first name would sound with “Markakis” after it.

La M Alana

Matt Barnes. Strange as it sounds, especially given the nature of this site (and my own nature, for that matter), he was the first player that I ever had a real, outright crush on. I like him more the more I learn about him, I find him incredibly attractive (yes, I know), and, basically? I would do lots of dirty, dirty things to him. There’s actually not a lot of players (or even people I don’t know in general) that I would say that about.


My #5 is D-Wright.

Nuff said.


Diego Ribas de Cunha. I don’t speak Brazilian Portugese. I have never been to Brazil nor do I have any relatives that live there. And I don’t follow German soccer leagues (where he plays professionally). Yet I love him. I don’t know how but I will be the future Mrs. de Cunha.

7 thoughts on “1000th Post Countdown…Number Five, Number Five

  1. I love Chanel No. 5! Oh yeah, the hotties…

    Cinnamon-It’s such a shame that decathalons are so few and far (and so little televised) between.

    Chitown-Jason Taylor has the most beautiful eyes. I loved the giant JT they built in London last year.

    LA-Brady Quinn is a lovely specimen, and I don’t really care which team he plays for! ;) Honestly, the hubby was lucky to ever get that Men Health issue.

  2. Nick Markakis–the ONLY reason to watch the lowly Orioles. I would hit that until one of us was bleeding.

    Dale Jr. … hot, yeah, but then he has to start talking and his voice just gets on my nerves. There’s a few like that, nothing personal.

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