1000th Post Countdown… Sixes!

We hope you’re enjoying our countdown.  We’re only halfway done!  There are so many hotties yet to come, ladies.  Here we go with the sixes! Woot woot.

Id walk down his street.  Or something.

I'd walk down his street. Or something.

Huston Street
– You know that whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” saying? Well, I’m pretty sure all those words when talking about Street are “oh my God, so hot.” Not necessarily in that order mind you (it’s hard to speak coherently when looking at him), but those are the words.

Cinnamon Girl
Johan Santana
– I miss him as a Minnesota Twin – his talent is amazing. But at least I’ll always have this vision of him. See how he’s fingering his wedding ring there? Nice…

Holy buckets.

Holy buckets.

Games Mistress
Albert Pujols
– As a Cardinal fan I’m a little biased, but I don’t think I’d have had his picture taped to my computer monitor for the last seven years if he looked like Randy Johnson. Or even La Russa.

I love him too, Games Mistress.

I love him too, Games Mistress.

Mistress Christina
Dwight Howard
– 6’11” center for the Orlando Magic. Look how cute he is! The smile and the arms and the tallness. Plus he can jump up and spit straight into the basket if he chooses. Trust me, just google-image his name. He was also on the gold medal winning USA Men’s Basketball team at the Olympics this year. He’s cute AND good for our country, unlike this stupid economy…

Look at that smile!

Look at that smile!

La M. Alana
Michael Beasley
– I like his personality and love his play, but to be honest, I just think he’s incredibly interesting-looking and very, very attractive. He, like, radiates hotness. He’s so hot he’s making me sexist. Bitch.

Hes a Wildcat!

He's a Wildcat!

Jose Reyes
– He’s a speed demon, the spark to our lineup, and has an infectious grin.  Such a cutie.

Joseeeee, Jose, Jose, Jose...

Joseeeee, Jose, Jose, Jose...

Miss Minda
Mark Grudzielanek
– It’s looking like the King of Scruff (as my mom and I call him) won’t be with the Royals anymore after yet another injury ended his season early this year. But don’t worry, ladies; this blue-eyed “HOLY WOW” of a 2nd baseman swears he has one or two more seasons of baseball left in his beautiful body.

Those baby blues!

Those baby blues!

Lady Andrea
Freddy Couples
– I’ve been in love with him since he won the 1992 Masters when I was 10. And since I put this post together, he gets two pictures.  One showing how hot he is and one with a cute dog!

Hes such a silver fox.

He's such a silver fox.



5 thoughts on “1000th Post Countdown… Sixes!

  1. Dwight Howard is growing on me… much better sans braces His body is amazing, how in the world does he maintain those ridiculously defined shoulders?

  2. Aw, Grudzy! I still miss him being on the Cardinals. (Can you believe we once had Pujols, Grudzy, and Rolen as our infield? Yow!)

  3. @JV: The braces def needed to go. The reason I picked this pic is because his arms look so amazing. He needs to write a book or do a work out video so the men I date can have arms like that…

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