1000th Post Countdown…The Nine

Does anybody else remember this show? It was this group of (wait for it) nine people who were in a bank during a robbery. I faintly remember seeing an episode or two and recognizing that guy from “Party of Five,” even though I never watched that show. I kinda wished it had more episodes during it’s run because when ABC canceled it the show was getting good.

Too bad the networks don’t come up with a show about the Ladies… #9 hotties. That show would never get canceled. Hey networks, you’re welcome. I expect to be compensated properly. Anyway, the Ladies… top nine guys are after the jump. They just keep getting better and better.

Miss Minda

My #9 is Shane Costa, an outfielder who perpetually bounces between AAA and the Majors with the Royals. He’s got a dark, brooding quality about him that makes the ladies go pretty crazy.

Games Mistress

Irving Saladino – Panama’s first ever Olympic gold medalist is also a medal winning hottie. I keep flipping by that new Universal sports channel hoping to catch him when they replay track events, but so far no luck.

Mistress Christina

My # 9 pick: Tom Brady. I mean come on, he’s not called Dreamboat for nothing! He may have been ranked higher had he not been injured in the first stinking game of the Pats season, and hence I have not seen him
in all his eye-black wearing glory for 6 weeks now.

Thank God for Stetson. (never thought I’d say THAT prior to his ad campaign!)

Lady Andrea

Marek Svatos – I decided to adopt the Avalanche after I previewed them for a Ladies piece and realized how hot they are.  Marek Svatos was my favorite.  I even bought his hockey sweater.  I just found out he got married this past off-season and I’m very upset about it.  Doesn’t he know how great Andrea Svatos sounds?

Chitown Chick

BJ Armstrong. He was the first basketball player I remember having a crush on, and then when I met him, he was super nice and even more adorable in person.

Cinnamon Girl

My #9 pick is Tiger Woods. Who knows what he’s like in person, but he seems nice, says the right things, has a competitive drive and insane talent, a beautiful wife and child, another on the way (I love family men), and I think my grandpa would have liked him. And looking at him isn’t bad either.

I like to imagine he’s in my bathroom shaving! Right…..


TSW turned me onto this delicious boy, and I’m so glad she did.  I’m only sad that the Rangers didn’t get the first draft pick that year.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Sidney Crosby splashed across the Daily News.


You would think that I’m a big soccer fan by the number of soccer guys on my list (my second so far) but I’m not. But Owen Hargreaves is enough to make me get up early and tune in to the Premiere League every Saturday and Sunday. If you must have a face pic of him then here. But who cares with a bod like that?

La M. Alana

Rodney Stuckey. He intrigues me, he’s got great eyebrows, and he’s going to be a great star one day – maybe someday soon. I’m so watching the Pistons this season, and, yes, I would.

11 thoughts on “1000th Post Countdown…The Nine

  1. I’m only sad that the Rangers didn’t get the first draft pick that year.

    I’m not! I can only imagine the hyperbole that would have followed.

    Alana, I like that last specimen you’ve offered. Hmmm…Rodney Stuckey, you say?

  2. Thanks, Chick! I was just coming in to say I’d forgotten all about BJ Armstrong and how cute he was! This must be why I didn’t mind my brother’s obsession with the Bulls (he wanted to name our new puppy Jordan) when I was in junior high.

  3. Yay! 2 straight days w/Sid! I, for one, am very greatful for the Pens having that pick. I’ve been following them since the days of Super Mario aka the reason I started watching hockey.

  4. Thistlewarrior – I agree – I think someone should pick Sid every day!!

    Minda – love Shane Costa – saw him hit his 1st big league homerun a few years back & wish he’d stay in KC!

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