1000th Post Countdown … The No. 10 Spot

No, that’s not like a G-spot. And it’s not Dudley Moore chasing Bo Derek, either. Follow me after the jump to check out the Ladies…’ #10 picks for their hottest sports players.

And now, without further ado (and in no particular order), here is the next installment for your viewing pleasure.

Mistress Christina

Tyson Chandler. 7ft1 center for New Orleans Hornets. Check out that gorgeous smile! Teamed with Chris Paul and David West, they stormed their way into the Western Conference semis. And while they may not have made it to the finals, they were hands-down the hottest team in the playoffs (imo).

Cinnamon Girl

Michael Jordan. I don’t know why, but somehow he’s always seemed just cute and sweet to me. He has an endearing smile and those mischievious eyes. And I love a guy who’s not afraid to blow some cash … or hang out in his underwear!

Games Mistress

Charles Howell III. His name makes me think of the millionaire from Gilligan’s Island, and he’s yet to get a really big win on the PGA tour, but he knows how to dress, and that adds to his attractiveness.

Lady Andrea

Sergio Garcia. No matter how many times he fiddles with his grip, I still think he is absolutely adorable.  I particularly like this commercial.


Sidney Crosby. He’s adorable and one of two players I actually know in the NHL.


David DeJesus. Had to go with Cuz for #10.  He’s an RU product, plays well for Minda’s team and is a cutie.  The only downside is that there is a real scarcity of flattering DeJesus pics out there.  Minda, get on it!

Chitown Chick

Forrest Griffin. UFC light heavyweight champion. Adorable and one of my first loves of the UFC.

Miss Minda

Joe Mauer. The intense brown eyes, tendency to wear eye black, and neatly-trimmed sideburns are a few reasons to ogle Joe Mauer. And he’s a catcher; it’s always OK to ogle catchers.

La M Alana

Robert Andino. He’s a Marlins rookie, or was this last year… He’s really really cute. He has really nice forearms. That’s, uh, about all I know about him.

Do you like how I did that Ladies…? See how I put each guy right below you – or at least your name! Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “1000th Post Countdown … The No. 10 Spot

  1. Mmm…delish man candy. What a fabulous idea to get to that 1000th post.

    @Minda!! If Hottie Joe Mauer is #10 on your list (he’s #5 on mine), I CANNOT WAIT to see the eye-searing, heart-palpitating intense hotness of the rest of your list. No pressure, but don’t let a girl down.

  2. I agree with Gretchen. If Mauer is this far down the list, who is above him? I love that man!

    /still bitter the Twins didn’t make the postseason

  3. gretchen and snoopy – I hope I don’t disappoint. But Games Mistress is SO right…putting them in any kind of order was harder than pretty much anything else I’ll do this semester.

    I can’t wait to see who Metsy has that’s *better* than my David DeJesus.

  4. Minda, I totally agree, ordering the guys was sooo tough. Especially my top 5. There was quite the internal debate!

  5. With Crosby at number 10, I am all agog to see who graces the top five. I am thinking I will see a certain gentlemen from the EPL.

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