Hit & Run: Pacman, will you never learn?

Another day, another run-in with the po-po.  While at a Luda party (I would give my first born to attend a party thrown by Ludacris), he went at it with his Cowboys babysitter “bodyguard”.  He’s lucky that he wasn’t arrested, but he’s really putting his namesake to shame. (FYI: for the longest time, I thought his real name was Pacman.  C’mon, there are kids named Pilot Inspektor and Kenadi running around out there.  Pacman isn’t that much of a stretch.)

This Pacman is cuter.

Not totally sure if this is Harden or not, but
let’s admire the ass anyways.

Rich Harden will be around Chicago for at least another year, as the Cubs exercised their $7 MM club option on him.  Na na na na, wait till I get my money right.  Before they gave him the cash, they checked him all over to make sure he wasn’t broken.  No word yet on whether Harden was the one who broke the visitors dugout in Los Angeles, though.

Meh, I have no words for you, Goodell.

Roger Goodell gripes that the NFL faces money troubles (clearly they didn’t heed Kanye’s advice).  Obvs, the ridonkulous ticket prices and exorbitant concession fees are not enough to grease the wheels of the NFL.  Do you want a bailout, too, Roger?  Stand in line, fucker.

I like this smirk on Cole’s face.
Looks like he’s up to no good.

In other MLB news, the NLCS finally starts tonight, with the Dodgers at Phillies.  Cole Hamels will be facing off against Derek Lowe.  Wish both teams could lose, blah blah blah jealouscakes.

Aw shucks, woman.  You’re awfully lucky to be throwing down the puck.

Sarah Palin is dropping the puck at the Flyers’ season opener on Saturday.  A self-proclaimed “hockey mom”, I’m sure she’s psyched to do that.  I know I’d be thrilled to throw an opening pitch.  Alas, I’m not running for VP, so no one cares about me.

8 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Pacman, will you never learn?

  1. Pacman, “Why yes ladies, thats right, its now Adam “HUSAIN” Jones.”

    What a male bitch!! Along with that other one T.O

    Where are the good guy Cowboys like Danny Amendola, oh.. yes on the practice squad???

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  3. I was very dissappointed when I found out his name wasn’t really Pacman. And yes I would also give up my first-born to attend a Luda party!

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