I Was There: Mizzou Wins in Lincoln

Check out the Nebraska cheerleader smiling at the Mizzou touchdown.

This past weekend, I roadtripped to Lincoln, Ne. to see my beloved Missouri Tigers play the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We hadn’t won in Lincoln since 1978. Going into the game, we were ranked 4th, so we also had high hopes that the streak would be broken. My Tigers broke the streak and broke it well, winning 52-17. Even better, I ran into my fellow Lady, Miss Minda, a Nebraska gal.

The night before the game, we went to a bar called Sidetracks, where I sang the Missouri fight song on stage, did an upside down margarita shot, and had a fantastic time. Next time you’re in Lincoln, check it out!

Before the game, my friends and I tailgated outside the baseball stadium. Because I worked for the athletic department in college, I never had a chance to tailgate as a student. Tailgating rocks. Sitting outside, enjoying a beer and grilled stuff, razzing people as they walk by, all good times. Come game time, my Tigers scored quickly. And then they scored again. And again. And then again. My seat was in row 84 of the end zone, surrounded by Tiger fans. Though the pep band was there, they were too far away for us to hear them, so a group of students served as a our pep band.

By the end of the game, my throat was hoarse for yelling M-I-Z-Z-O-U! It was well worth it to see my Tigers win.

(Photos from the Lincoln Journal-Star.)

3 thoughts on “I Was There: Mizzou Wins in Lincoln

  1. I wasn’t there but knew this was coming… I was at the Mizzou/Neb game in Columbia when they beat Neb there for the first time since the 70’s.

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