Hottie Hit & Run: Hot men are evidence that God exists…

O Hai there Ryan Lochte and Jay-Z. Is it some sort of rule that Olympic medalists have to carry those things around for the entire year after the games are over? That would get annoying. I mean they don’t really go with anything… On the plus side, I was super-afraid Lochte was going to fade into obscurity after the Olympics whilest The Phelps took over the stinking world. But no. He’s staying out in the limelight, looking hot, and quite dapper I might add. So keep it up Ryan, I love the suit. Although I prefer the Speedo, I’m okay with Armani as well.

The hair is looking way better, IMO

This is Larry Johnson, running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. He single-handedly carried my fantasy football team to victory last week, rushing for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. And it turns out, he’s stinkin cute. So thanks Larry, keep up the good work.  Hold the phone. WAIT. Just checked my stats. Larry, please come into my office. WTF is this? TWO YARDS??? TWO? Only two?? I’m currently number 2 in the league (wooot!), well that is until this weeks numbers come in. This week was not a good one, what with Trent Edwards getting knocked out with a concussion on the third play of the game and Brandon Marshall totally crapping out on me by only putting up 25 yards and the aforementioned stat death of one L. Johnson. Shout out to Reggie Wayne, the only man on my roster who gave me double digit fantasy points this week. Ugghhhhhhh.

Update: I wanted to credit Kickette for the photo, as I forgot to do so earlier. It's up on Perez now, but Kickette was the first site I saw it on. I usually just google image my photos... so I'm not used to the whole giving credit thing. But yeah, Kickette.

Cristiano Ronaldo is back from his injury and back out on the pitch. Now the rain and I don’t always get along. I grew up in Seattle and always felt that I have had enough rain to last a lifetime. I was wrong. It should rain all the time, especially if C-Ron is outdoors. The only thing that would make this photo better is if his shirt was off, but still all drippy and wet. Where is THAT picture? Come on God, I know you’re out there, because this next photo is proof!

I remember in one of my early posts begging people to post pics of Nadal’s beautiful ass in the comments. I couldn’t find any where he was clothed that really did it justice. I searched. I found a few that hinted at its awesomeness but they didn’t really give the full picture. And then God heard me. He answers prayers people, that’s just all there is to it. Some disgusting vulture of a paparazzi (bless his heart) snapped this gorgeous pic while Nadal was yachting. Apparently yachting in the nude. Thank you God. One for the fact that Rafa feels the need to disrobe out on the open sea. And two, for the fortuitous luck that there was a pap within snapping distance!

11 thoughts on “Hottie Hit & Run: Hot men are evidence that God exists…

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  2. Holy NSFW, Batman! Love it.

    Also, I had no idea Larry Johnson was that cute. Probably because “Larry” just doesn’t sound like a handsome name, so I never really bothered to check.

  3. I figured the pic was behind the cut and blurry enough that it didn’t need the NSFW tag…

    I was pleasantly surprised about how cute Larry was. I was going to put a pic of Adrian Peterson (cuz he’s on my team) but then I saw Cinn’s post, so I found another cutie. Loooove the smile! Did not love? How he only rushed for 2 stinking yards this week. UUUGGGHHHH. Two. Seriously.

  4. This is the best “news” I have gotten all day… CR7 in the rain looking amazing with all the crap washed out of his hair!

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